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Water SportsActivities


Jump inand

join us

for somefun and

adventurein the deepturquoise lagoon

of Kuramathi

Whether it be learning to windsurf, relaxing on one of our catamaran, or joining the need for speed with our inflatables and water ski

sessions, this is the place to be.

Aqua Sports are now licensed under the Royal Yachting Association (RYA); The RYA is the largest & longest established water sports industry

organisation not only in the UK but around the world. We are the first and only water sports school in the Maldives that offer the RYA

certification to its guests.

For more information or bookings please visit us, we are location number 17 on the island map, or contact us on extension number 116.

Open from 09:00 to 12:30 and from 14:00 to 18:00 hrs

The Aqua Sports & Fun team look forward to meeting you!


Windsurf Course US$RYA Adult start Windsurfing course, 9 hours 225.00Windsurf Private lesson, 1 hour beginner 75.00Windsurf Private lesson, 1 hour refresher 52.00

Windsurf Board Rental Price US$Windsurf Check 17 .001 hour 30.005 x 1 hour 140.0010 x 1 hour 235.001 day 92.001 week unlimited (6 days) 300.002 weeks unlimited (12 days) 390.00

Prices inclusive of all taxes

Windsurfing is one of the best sports to get involved with its challenging, exhilarating and a good work out!

The Maldives is the perfect place to learn, or simply practice. Its warm water and sunny climate makes the sport even more enjoyable, and our lagoon offers a safe and protected environment.

All our team members are professionally trained and windsurfing is one of our favourites, so come and chat to us!

Kids Windsurf Course US$RYA Kids Level 1 Windsurfing course, 9 hours 175.00RYA Kids Level 2 Windsurfing course, 9 hours 175.00


Catamaran Rental US$Catamaran Check 17.00K3 - 1 hour 52.00K3 - 5 x 1 hour 215.00K3 - 10 x 1 hour 410.00K3 - Half day (3 hours) 105.00K1 - 1 hour 60.00K1 - 5 x 1 hour 225.00K1 - 10 x 1 hour 430.00K1 - Half day (3 hours) 130.001 week unlimited (6 days) 485.002 weeks unlimited (12 days) 595.00

Catamaran Course US$RYA Adult Level 1 Catamaran course, 12 hours 300.00RYA Adult Level 2 Catamaran course, 12 hours 300.00Catamaran private lesson 1 hour (per person) 60.00Catamaran Joyrides, 30 minutes (per person) 25.00

Catamaran Sailing in the Maldives can be one of the most relaxing experiences you will have.

Catamaran Excursions are available for half a day or a full day. With this excursion you will explore the Rasdhoo Atoll with one of our local guides, and if you are lucky you might see some dolphins.

Joy rides are brilliant opportunities to experience the catamaran at its best in high winds, even if you dont know how to sail. One of our instructors will do all the work, whilst you take in the excitement.

Captains are available for Catamaran Sailing. If you dont know how to sail but would like your partner or family to experience something different, then a captain is the best way forward.

All members of our team are professionally trained and friendly, so come and join us!

Prices inclusive of all taxes

Kids Catamaran Course US$RYA Kids Level 1 Catamaran course, 12 hours (Minimum 14 years ) 250.00RYA Kids Level 2 Catamaran course, 12 hours (Minimum 14 years) 250.00


Prices inclusive of all taxes

Sailboat Rental US$1 hour 40.005 x 1 hour 175.0010 x 1 hour 300.00Half day (3 hours) 78.00Full day 120.001 week unlimited (6 days) 380.002 weeks unlimited (12 days) 440.00

Sailboat Course US$RYA Adult Level 1 Dinghy course, 12 hours 275.00RYA Adult Level 2 Dinghy course, 12 hours 275.00Dinghy private lesson, 1 hour lesson 50.00

Kids Sailboat Course US$RYA Kids Stage 1 Dinghy course, 12 hours 200.00RYA Kids Stage 2 Dinghy course, 12 hours 200.00RYA Kids Stage 3 Dinghy course, 12 hours 200.00


Canoe Rental US$1 hour Canoe Single, Glass bottom 25.001 hour Canoe Double 25.001 hour Glass Bottom Canoe (Molokini) 35.001 hour Stand Up Paddle 25.00Stand Up Paddle lesson, 15 minutes 15.00Sunset Kayak / Standup Paddleboard experience 17:30 - 18:30 hrs (Price per person + Rental) 6.00

Canoe Rental

ParasailingCome try the exhilarating feeling of flying 400 ft above Kuramathi to take in this unique view of the Maldives, dont forget your camera!

Parasailing is available 3 days a week on Monday, Wednesday, Friday Morning departing at 10:00 & afternoon at 14:30.

You will be taken out on our new Parasailing boat Skyfall from the main reception jetty and have this incredible experience in the sky for 15 minutes.

You can go up individually or as a pair with our double bar.

To sign up come along to the Aqua Sports & Fun excursions centre to book your day and time of preference.

Minimum 4 people & Maximum 8 per session.

Prices inclusive of all taxes

Subject to strict weather conditions.

Parasailing US$ 80.00 per person

Waterski & Wake Board US$Waterski 1 Round (Max 15 minutes) 35.00Waterski 5 Round 170.00Waterski 10 Round 300.00Wakeboard 1 Round (Max 15 minutes) 35.00Wakeboard 5 Round 170.00Wakeboard 10 Round 300.00Short lesson for beginners 42.00

Waterski & Wake BoardThe Maldives is perfect for learning how to waterski and / or wakeboardThe water is warm and the sun is shining.

We offer beginner lessons and 15 minute tows with one of our Aqua Sports team member who will provide you with a safe and enjoyable experience.

Prices inclusive of all taxes

Banana Riding US$Maximum 6 persons, price is per person1 person 75.002 persons each 38.003 persons each 25.004 persons each 20.005 persons each 15.006 Persons each 13.00

Fun Tubing US$Solo Screamer 42.001 Rider Screamer 42.00Big Brawler 1 person 62.00Big Brawler 2 persons 32.00Aqua Glide 1 person 70.00Aqua Glide 2 persons 35.00Aqua Glide 3 persons 25.00ion Sphere 1 person 75.00ion Sphere 2 person 35.00ion Sphere 3 person 25.00ion Sphere 4 person 20.00Life Jacket Rental (1 Day) 4 .00



Banana & Fun TubesThe Banana is an exhilarating 15 minute ride.

Minimum 2 persons, Maximum 6 persons.

A family member or friend is welcome to take photos of your experience from our ski boat.

Prices inclusive of all taxes

Private Sunset SailThe ultimate romantic way to finish off your afternoon by watching the sunset from a traditional Maldivian Dhoni.

Experience the true Maldivian way of life on the ocean, as you enjoy a glass of sparkling wine watching the sun go down with your someone special.

Prices inclusive of all taxes

Private Sunset Sail US$ 135.00

Weather dependent

Individual ExcursionsPrivate Snorkel Trips and Motorboat Excursions are a brilliant way to explore a different reef and/ or Rasdhoo Atoll.

Prices inclusive of all taxes

Motorboat Trip in Rasdhoo Atoll US$6 hour Trip (from 10:00 to 16:00hrs/minimum 2 persons) Price per boat trip 380.00Each additional person up to maximum 8 persons 35.00Price per boat trip, with Picnic 425.00Sightseeing Trip (half hour) (per person) Minimum 2 persons, Maximum 8 persons. 45.00

Snorkelling Trip US$Madivaru and Rasdhoo (per person) 78.00Bodu Ashe and North Channel (per person) 78.00Snorkelling Trip with Island stop 3 hours (per person) 90.00

Catamaran Individual Excursions US$Half day trip from 09:30 to 12:30hrs or from 14:30 to 17:30hrs (per person) 70.00Full day trip from 11.00 to 17:00hrs, with a Picnic Lunch (per person) 105.001 hour Catamaran Sail with captain (per person) 42.00


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