Ways in which people can be involved in sport.. A few of the ways you can be involved in sport: As a player or performer Media Official Coach, instructor

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Ways in which people can be involved in sport. Slide 2 A few of the ways you can be involved in sport: As a player or performer Media Official Coach, instructor or trainer Leisure industry PE Teacher Sport medicine/science Choreographer Grounds men/women Administrator/organiser Slide 3 Player/Performer Players/performers can be semi professional (work and play), professional (just play) or just recreational (do it for fun e.g. as a hobby). The player/performer is the person/ persons that actually participate in the physical side of the sport. E.G. A swimmer Slide 4 Media The people who report on the sport National newspapers (usually report on bigger professional sports), local newspapers (usually report on more semi professional sports) Television (e.g. match of the day) This also involves camera men, commentators, editors, producers etc. Slide 5 Official Professional, semi professional or volunteers. Need qualifications for most levels. E.G Referee, or pool official etc. Slide 6 Coach, instructor or trainer The person who coaches the performer to perform correctly. An aerobics instructor, football coach or swimming trainer the list is endless. They can either be volunteers, semi professional or professional. At the top they can get paid an absolute fortune. Slide 7 Leisure industry Pleasure sports: Sports that are carried out for pleasure in your leisure time e.g. Going to the gym The swimming pool Playing a leisurely round of golf etc. The leisure industry can employ a wide range of people such as life guards, cleaners, receptionist etc. People can be involved full time or part time. And depending on the job qualifications will be needed Slide 8 PE TEACHERS PE/Sport Studies teachers have a large part to play in involving people in sport. They have to be qualified and trained as serious injuries can occur if lessons are not properly supervised, however they are able to introduce many people to sport. They can be full time or part time., Slide 9 Sport medicine/science Prescription drugs for sport injuries/enhancement Sport physiologists encourage positive mental attitude of sports person to increase motivation and determination. Both need to be very well qualified as both are important jobs and often involved with top of the league teams. Highly paid jobs usually, and are again Full time or part time. Slide 10 Choreographer Choreographers help choreograph dance movements/ gymnasts routines Help the sports person to move with the music correctly and in time with the movement. Qualifications are needed Can be full/part time. Slide 11 Grounds man / women Are very important they look after all the sports grounds and make sure they are suitable to play on Can be quite a scientific and skilled job, as chemicals and other materials are required for some grounds to maintain them in excellent conditions. Can be part time, full time or voluntary Sometimes qualifications are needed for big, professional grounds however on local rural grounds such as village greens no qualifications are required. Slide 12 Administrator/organiser The administrator/organiser of the event is also very important as they have to organise just about everything, the teams/sport people that are attending, the times of events/order of events, whos officiating on the day, whos going to give the prizes and so on They have to be qualified in most cases unless theyre organising a low level of sport e.g. local Sunday game of football Full time, part time or voluntary.