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How to make money fast (without getting caught in a scam) 6 Legitimate Ways to Make Money Fast - wikiHow How to Make Money Fast ` Easy Ways to Make $1,000 in One ... 44 Ways To Make More Money - Forbes 50 Ways to Make a Fast $50 | Money Talks News 5 Ways to Make Money Faster Than Fast - US News 10 Quick Ways to Make Money | HowStuffWorks 5 Real Ways to Actually Make Money Online - Lifehack fastest way to make money gta 5 quickest way to make money battlefield hardline fastest way to make money in runescape f2p quickest way to make money in the witcher 3 fastest way to make money gta online quickest way to make money in gta 5 online pc quickest way to make money gta online fast ways to make money online


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  • About Ewen Chia

    Striving to earn an extra income, Ewen Chia started his first internet business in 1997. For 5 full years, he worked on his internet business part-time every day from 11pm - 3am while holding a full-time job.

    He was motivated to build a better life for his family. After years of perseverance, he finally

    succeeded and has not looked back since.

    # World-Renowed Internet Marketing Pioneer

    Ewen is highly regarded as a pioneer of internet marketing and a world-renowed internet

    marketing expert. He is also recognized as The Worlds #1 Super Affiliate and his name is

    synonymous with Affiliate Marketing, although that is not all he does. Many of Ewen's students

    had been able to quit their day jobs and make their own income online through his proven

    training and teaching materials.

    #1 International Best-Selling Internet Marketing Book

    When Ewen launched his first print book, "How I Made My First Million On The

    Internet and How You Can Too!"...

    This book made internet marketing history by being the FIRST ever book about

    the internet business and internet marketing to hit the #1 WORLDWIDE

    BESTSELLER LISTS on Amazon, Barnes & Nobles and other online bookstores all at

    the same time in just 24 hours of launch.

    # International Speaker, Educator And Trainer

    Ewen is also a highly sought after international speaker and is always touring the world teaching

    the internet business to anyone willing to learn about it.

    He has shared the stage with experts like Sir Richard Branson, Anthony Robbins, Robert

    Kiyosaki, Tony Blair, T Harv Eker, Tom Hopkins, Les Brown, Chris Garnder and Donald Trump

    (here's a picture of Donald and him.) Ewen also received the first ever internet marketing

    trophy, World Internet Challenge for his LIVE demonstration where he started an internet

    business from scratch and proceeded to make US$80,000 in 3 days from that same business -

    all in front of a live audience.

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  • Learn To Make Sales From Websites

    This story is designed as much as a reminder to myself of the paths that I explored on the way to

    finding a modicum of success in developing successful

    Internet businesses as it is a useful ( I hope) guide to

    others about to start.

    Firstly I must explain what it is not: It is not a

    definitive and comprehensive explanation of how to

    succeed with an Internet based business. I too am still

    learning how to succeed in this tricky business. There

    are many ways that this may be accomplished- most

    of which I either do not understand or which I do not

    know about. I am not an expert or GURU as some like

    to call themselves. I cannot guarantee that my

    preferred practices will make you a millionaire simply

    because they have not made me one either ( yet)!

    What little knowledge I do offer here I hope might

    inspire others in a positive way for that is one aim of

    this story. If it all comes over as terribly naive or

    worse incorrect then I apologize now, unreservedly. I

    am not going to pretend I have all the answers nor

    am I going to steal ideas from other peoples E books

    or blogs to try to convince you that I do. No. I am

    about to give you my actual experience, right or

    wrong, good or bad, regarding how I have set up my

    own moderately profitable Internet business.

  • BACKGROUND: why set up a business?

    Most of my working life I have spent in education as a

    teacher. I went into the profession for all the right

    reasons and for over 25 years I believe I have done

    my level best to inspire others with the knowledge

    and skills that I acquired myself. A vocational

    approach to work that has proved to be mainly

    wonderful, often challenging, sometimes frustrating

    but never financially rewarding. A good wage for an

    honest days work but not much more. Please do not

    misunderstand me.

    Teaching others can be the most rewarding thing you

    can do and when appreciation is shown for your

    efforts whether by pupil, parent or colleague it can be

    uplifting. Financially however it has its limits just as

    most people find in any job working for others.

    However we live in a day and age where many do

    very little for huge returns and others like myself a lot

    more for a lot less. I am in fact not bitter or resentful

    about that as I balance in my mind the fact that I

    have the satisfaction of knowing that I am doing

    something good to help others. However I decided to

    look at ways to supplement my earnings in alternative

    ways that I could be equally proud of.

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  • SUPPLEMENTARY INCOME : different strategies.

    Whilst maintaining my day job I looked into a variety

    of outlets to bolster my income. I considered all sorts

    of options from the sublime to the ridiculous. From

    opening real and virtual shops, to private tuition, to

    dog walking, to babysitting, to more ambitious

    projects that would have required large investments,

    professional advice and support and a lot of luck.

    I was not prepared however to gamble with my life or

    more accurately my family's expected standard of

    living by doing this nor for the simpler options was I

    prepared to give up too much precious time in order

    to generate more money. Despite this my initial

    thoughts led me to assessing skills and knowledge

    that I already possessed. I am interested in the arts,

    photography, sports, fishing etc. Nothing unique there

    but I did go as far as to develop fairly advanced

    business ideas involving pro designed letter headings,

    logos and other materials for a) a photography

    business and b) a graphic design business and had

    completed fairly extensive market research to ensure

    that they could be successful.

    All of this had taken a lot of time. It then dawned on

    me that it was this very TIME factor that mattered the

    most - not the acquisition of huge sums of money and

    I reigned in those business plans and finally scrapped

    them entirely. What I wanted was a supplementary

    income from a scheme or plan that was neither time

    consuming to run or difficult to maintain. A simple,

  • consistent way to add to my earnings that would allow

    me to enjoy my leisure time more and allow me

    perhaps to retire earlier. To achieve a better balance

    between work and play with the prospect of having

    enough money in the bank to enable an improved

    standard of living. After all it is how we use our leisure

    time that defines most of us as personalities. Our

    ability to interact with friends, family, neighbors is all

    reliant upon having sufficient resources but

    particularly in having the freedom to do it.

    Most people reading this are like me in that they want

    to work. Without work we become lazy, lacking in

    purpose and develop self serving attitudes. However

    we often feel that we are worth more than we actually

    get. Generally speaking this is a situation you cannot

    resolve easily or without a large slice of luck. I do not

    believe that I am going to get that big win on the

    lottery and with this in mind I became even more

    determined to find another channel for an additional


    INTERNET MARKETING: the solution?

    My first experience of the weird and wonderful world

    of Internet marketing left me full of cynicism. I had

    during my research for money making opportunities

    come across thousands of schemes that offered the

    solution, the answer to my prayers. It was obvious

    that most of these just had to be scams. I always

    thought that if they were making so much money

    themselves then why were they hassling me. And for

  • most of them I would be right to have made that


    On further investigation however I came to a different

    conclusion for for a few of these schemes. If a well

    thought out business plan actively relied on my slice

    of their business to survive then it might just be worth

    investigating further. Was there a company out there

    that needed new 'investors'... not necessarily of the

    monetary kind but who needed your support to

    enhance there own business?

    After a lot of investigation I discovered that there are

    indeed groups of people out there who positively

    needed others to support their ideas in order to

    generate yet more wealth for themselves. That is the

    role the affiliate marketeer has to play. By attaching

    oneself to a product or service, promoting it on behalf

    of others through advertising and other methods and

    gaining commission from others buying it seemed like

    a pretty good idea. As long as the products had some

    integrity so that you actually believed in them and as

    long as you can get them viewed by a wide enough

    audience then here was the opportunity that I was

    looking for. A simple money making scheme that

    required little of my free time to setup and which

    would develop over time as it established itself.

    Money for nothing. Or so it seemed!

  • INITIAL MARKETING PLOYS: mainly failures

    I am pretty sure that there are thousands out there

    who arrived at this point full of confidence and

    expectation. They had done their research, selected

    an affiliate group and set out to develop a website

    fully expecting the money to fall into their laps from

    the skies. I was certainly one of them and I was to be

    disappointed just as many others would have been.

    My first website was ill focused. It was plastered with

    affiliate links, eBay links and had its own virtual shop

    but it had no clear theme and certainly no style. In

    short it was simply not believable or interesting

    enough to hold the attention of the visitor. This

    coupled with my failure to market it well and my

    inability to be able to edit it without having to contact

    the hosting company meant that I had few purchases


    Whilst I later mastered AdWords and AdSense enough

    to illicit a healthy cost per click ratio my conversion

    rate remained poor and that was the fault of the home

    page which lacked cohesion and believability. Visitors

    left as fast as they arrived. My reaction to this was not

    good. I panicked, blamed the wrong things and almost

    gave up entirely.

    I decided when I finally came to my senses to

    research marketing techniques more thoroughly and

    most importantly to sort out the content and the

    layout on my next venture with more care in order to

    promote a longer stay for the average visitor.

  • FOCUSED MARKETING : higher success rate.

    Focused marketing employing a range of techniques

    was something I had not fully realized the potential

    of. Building traffic, I presume, is the ultimate goal of

    the Internet sales businessman no matter what some

    may say. If only a few people visit your site sales will

    obviously be affected. A simple Google search on the

    term marketing will return millions of opinions,

    solutions and scams. If you have the money you can

    pay an S.E.O. specialist to increase traffic through

    improving your position in the search ranks. You can

    develop ( if you can ) a killer advert in AdWords

    combined with low cost popular keywords ( again if

    you can) which will drive traffic to your site. I was

    never entirely successful at this I admit and it cost me

    more in ads than it created in sales. But they did

    generate interest.

    What worked best for me was a combination of using

    other pay per click companies ( for higher, cheaper

    click rates), exchanging links with high traffic sites,

    submitting articles such as this one to Ezine

    publishers and emailing subscribers with new offers.

    Yes this took some time to set up but most of it is

    now automated so I have not lost site of my initial

    goals to protect my free time AND more importantly

    sales have improved.

  • Whilst a more focused approach to marketing is

    important my main aim with websites now is to build

    up the content and to update that content regularly.

    CONTENT: the real ace in the pack.

    One of my most important realizations came when I

    read some of the articles written by Steve Pavlina

    (with whom I have no connection). His site has no

    gimmicks or pyrotechnics to hold the viewer ( and no

    products either ! ). He has just one thing - really well

    written and interesting articles that he adds to on a

    regular basis. I chose to use this approach as my

    model for the future as I build up my own sites.

    Without feature rich content that is written in a

    personal way and which offers sensible ideas and

    solutions to a variety of problems connected to the

    products on sale is the real secret in my opinion to

    successful Internet sales. Pavlina's articles can be

    quite awe inspiring in their ability to make you

    consider your own development on so many different

    levels. I say this in the full knowledge that my own

    sites do not yet have anywhere near enough of it but I

    do know that is the right thing to do and I fully intend

    to expand this element wherever I can to generate

    the maximum value and interest for the visitor of my

    sites. If a visitor likes what he/ she reads they will

    return. The more they return the more likely they are

    to purchase. Its as simple as that.

  • SUMMARIES AND FINDINGS: what the future


    Who knows what the future will hold with regard to

    Internet sales. The Internet itself is changing on a

    daily basis. Google still appears to be the champion

    but will that last? What I do believe will be important

    will be to recognize the key changes as they happen

    and to react to them. People's needs will change...


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