Ways to Study for SAT Test

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Ways to Study for SAT Test


Ways to Study for SAT Test: Start taking the SAT online class Go online to www.collegeboard.org/quickstart and looks at the questions, answers, and explanations for the ones I missed on the PSAT. Continue to free read and work on comprehension Study the SAT vocabulary packets given in English class Learn roots and prefixes and suffixes of words Visit the Khan Academy which provides the answers and explanations for every math problem in the first edition of the College Boards official SAT study guide Visit the Critical Reader website is a site which provides a great deal of free advice on the critical reading and writing portion of the SAT test Visit the PWN the SAT website which a math tutor in Manhattan shares his vast knowledge of the SAT math section. Practice reading short non-fiction articles to prepare for the reading section. Take practice tests Write some practice essays Continue excelling in math and English as much as possible to prepare for the SAT