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    PO Box 159, Raymond Terrace NSW 232421 Jura Street, Heatherbrae NSW 2324

    Phone: (02) 4987 3912 Fax: (02) 4987 7651

    We know Magnets and how to use them ...

    Magnetic Solutions Design and Application


  • The multi-functional,all purpose, flexible

    magnetic system

    Handymagnet contains high energy, super strong magnets encased in amalleable plastic coating, creating a more flexible, attachable and adaptabledevice than any other on the market.

    Handymagnet is extremely versatile and foldsdown to fit in the palm of your hand.

    Handymagnet is ideal to always have on hand asthere will continually be uses for it.

    Handymagnet will stick to cars, colorbond sheds,fridges, forklifts, machinery, itself, wrought iron,cans, ovens, trolleys, bucket handles and muchmore.

    Handymagnet holds spanners, hammers, nuts,bolts, screws, screwdrivers, wrenches, files, drillbits, allen keys, mobiles, keys, paper clips,cooking utensils, lighters, scissors, needles, pins,staples, thimbles, flyscreens & towels to cars,paper to fridges, the applications are endless.

    Handymagnet is SAFE for kids.

    Magnetic Influence Magnetism is thekey to the secret of good health and life

    Magnetic Influence provides products of the utmost quality torelieve your aches & pains.Our customers are not only happy with our products but astoundedwith their results.Supplying you with the best value for money, our prices areaffordable and very competitive.Magnetic Influence specialises in magnetic therapy productsincluding jewellery, magnetic aids for the human body as well asmagnetic products for pets.

    Our wide selection of hematite, magnetic ferrite and crystal jewellery are ideal for bothmale & female, they look fantastic and have the added benefit of Magnetic energy andcrystal powers.

    In mans long search for a universal cure-all, none fits thedescription nearly as well as magnetic energy fields. Theapplication of magnetic energy on areas of pain isinexpensive and unlike prescription drugs, is without anydangerous side effects. START NOW - take an activeinterest in your own health, stop suffering, stop usingchemical drugs and start using nature's healing energy MAGNETS !!!



    Standard Products

    SpecialtyProducts &Applications

    Consultancy &Design






  • Business units / activities

    IMS Magnet Trading The buying and selling of standard magnets. These include bonded and sintered magnets of alloys such as NdFeB, SmCo, AlNiCo, Ceramic Ferrite as well as flexible materials. Take a general look at this current site http://www.imstrading.com/.

    IMS Magnetic Solutions The application of magnetic systems and designs to the solving of industrial problems and special innovative product design. Includes a design consultancy service. For an idea of where we are coming from look at http://www.magneticsolutions.com.au/ and www.magneticsolutions.com.au/fluxgraphs-entry.html.

    IMS Magnetic Mining and Handling Focusing on the mineral processing industry this division deals in the selling of new magnetic equipment for processing and beneficiation plants. Current main interest is in coal and sand but this will expand. A significant maintenance and proprietary testing section exists within this division. For examples look at http://www.magneticmining.com.au/ and www.magneticmining.com.au/magnet-testing.html.

    IMS Magnetic Water Treatment We developed magnetic water treatment systems some 12 years ago. The success of these in application has prompted us to reclaim the development of this industry. There are many other applications which could benefit from our designs. This will mainly be a retail wholesale business servicing agriculture and industry. For an example of some of our existing designs look at http://www.magneticwatertreatment.com.au/.

    IMS Magnetic Concreting Systems The precast concrete industry was the first introduction for us in the need to develop a range of magnetic tools for this industry. We now have a range of STAYPUT products which are great for concreting. Much more work in product development is needed but our current products work well and we already hold a significant patent. For an example look at http://www.magneticconcretingsystems.com/ and www.magneticconcretingsystems.com/stayput-magnet.html.

    IMS Magnetic and Industrial Products We have a range of industrial products suited to the handling of steel. This company will trade in standard products as well as deal in our exclusively designed products. This division will continue to develop and have products manufactured world wide. For an example look at http://www.magneticindustrialproducts.com/ and www.magneticindustrialproducts.com/lifting-equipment.html.

    IMS Magnetic Influence Health and Jewellery International Magnetic Solutions has designed and supplied magnets for the therapy industry for 13 years. We have recently decided to capitalize on the knowledge through our Magnetic Influence division. This section trades in a wide range of therapy products and jewelry as well as selling our proprietary range of products. For an example look at http://www.magneticinfluence.com.au/.

    IMS Magnetic Creations There are many concepts and products suited to the novelty, toy and personal markets, and many novel product themes still to develop. This division will be the creator of art, excitement and the unexpected! This is the type of thing but just let your mind wander http://www.magneticcreations.com.au/ and www.magneticcreations.com.au/floating-magnetic-to.html.

    IMS Magnet Commercialization Over the years we have developed many new products and have a few patents under our belts, This division will help us maintain the lead by continually developing market driven products often in joint venture with specialist companies. We are magnet specialists so when we combine with companies that are innovative in their individual industries we can develop earth-shattering products! Our latest patent is for a universal revolution we call Handymagnet. The focus of this division is not the glory of innovation, but the volume of sales. For an example look at http://www.handymagnet.com/ and www.handymagnet.com/handymag.html.


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