Web Apps vs. Mobile Apps

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<ul><li> 1. Android ProgrammingOverviewTopics in this section - Web Apps vs. Mobile Apps - Books and referencesWeb Apps vs. Mobile AppsAdvantages of Web AppsUniversal access Browsers are everywhere Any device on the network can access content - PCs, Macs, Linux, Android, iPhone, Blackberry, etc.Automatic update Content comes from server, so is never out of dateWell-established tools and methodologies In multiple languages - Java, PHP, .NET, Ruby/Rails, CGI, etc.Disadvantages of Web AppsFew and weak GUI controls Text field, text area, button, checkbox, radio, list box, combo box. Thats it! No direct drawing (except for HTML5 Canvas)Cannot interact with local resources Cannot read files, call programs, or access devices on users machine.Inefficient communication HTTP is weak protocolHare to write Requires knowledge of many technologies - Java, HTML, HTTP, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, XMLDesigned for large displays with mouse So harder to use on small phone display with touch screen </li> <li> 2. Advantages Mobile AppsMany GUI controls Text field, text area, button, checkbox, radio, list box, combo box, clock, calendar, date picker, dialog box, image gallery, etc. Supports direct drawingCan interact with local resource Can read files(e.g., contacts list), have local database, access GPS, initiate phone calls, get input from microphone, create voice output, read screen orientation, etc.Efficient communication Can use any networking protocols you wantEasier (?) to write Requires knowledge of one language only - Java for Android - Objective C for iPhone - etc.Designed for small displays with touch screen So, many apps and GUI controls are optimized for this environmentDisadvantages Mobile AppsNo universal access Apps must be installed one at a time on each phone An Android app cannot run on iPhone, Window Phone, PC, etc.Difficult to manage updates User must intervene to get latest versionsNewer (esp. Android) So, fewer established tools and methodologiesBooks and references http://developer.android.com/index.html http://www.slideshare.net/tmvuong89/andbook-android-programming etc. </li> </ul>