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Pros and Cons of Localization with a Proxy Model on a Corporate Website. Adriana Beaton. Web Globalization Strategist. June 6, 2012. Introductions. Adriana Beaton Web Globalization Strategist Citrix Systems. Julien Didier Director of Production Translations.com. Agenda. Citrix - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Web Globalization Strategist

Web Globalization StrategistJune 6, 2012.Pros and Cons of Localization with a Proxy Model on a Corporate WebsiteAdriana Beaton#Citrix Confidential Do Not DistributeIntroductionsAdriana BeatonWeb Globalization StrategistCitrix Systems

Julien DidierDirector of ProductionTranslations.com#Citrix Confidential Do Not DistributeAgendaCitrixA Decentralized Global Web PresenceLack of Branding and Consistent MessageGlobal Visitors to Citrix.comOne Citrix, a Global CompanyThe Technical ChallengesThe Globalization ChallengesOur Requirements for a SolutionThe Plan and The SolutionQuestions

#Citrix Confidential Do Not DistributeVirtualizationNetworkingCollaborationCloud technologies

#Citrix Confidential Do Not DistributeCitrix transforms how businesses and IT work and people collaborate in the cloud era. With market-leading cloud, collaboration, networking and virtualization technologies, Citrix powers mobile work styles and cloud services, making complex enterprise IT simpler and more accessible for 260,000 organizations. Citrix products touch 75 percent of Internet users each day and it partners with more than 10,000 companies in 100 countries. Annual revenue in 2011 was $2.21 billion. Around 6,000 employees globally

4A Decentralized Global Web PresenceMany disconnected sites

8+ EMEA markets without a web presence

#Citrix Confidential Do Not DistributeEMEA (9)APAC (4)Japan (2)LAC (2)

NetherlandsDenmark SwedenNorway Finland UK TurkeyAfrica

5Lack of Branding and of Consistent Message

#Citrix Confidential Do Not DistributeGlobal Visitors to Citrix.com

#Citrix Confidential Do Not DistributeOne Citrix, a Global Company

Deliver an innovative, engaging online experience that propels global prospects and customers through exploring, using, buying and sharing Citrix technologies. #Citrix Confidential Do Not DistributeThe Technical ChallengesA very large siteA lot of valuable Technical InformationPdfs, Videos and Sales DocumentsA Download AreaAn Online StoreA Partners Area

A 10 year old CMSNo real staging environmentCould not extract filesJavascript, HTML,XML. Database content

A difficult IT architectureURLs without a clear path or even a patternMany vanity urlsMany different portalsSecure areas

#Citrix Confidential Do Not DistributeThe Globalization ChallengesNo acknowledgment of global audience in authoringLack of web authoring disciplineLack of web authoring process

Various Self Service Areas

Nearly daily content updatesAveraging about 2k words a week

#Citrix Confidential Do Not DistributeOur Requirements for a SolutionQuick deploymentFor a reasonable budgetWith real scalability

#Citrix Confidential Do Not DistributeThe Plan and The Solution

#Citrix Confidential Do Not Distribute1. Establish a Dedicated Globalization TeamTeam Lead and Web Marketing DirectorWeb Globalization StrategistGlobal Web Operations CoordinatorGlobalization Project ManagerGlobal QA#Citrix Confidential Do Not Distribute2. Define the Globalization StrategyPerformed a complete analysis of the citrix.com websiteDetermined initial in-scope pagesDetermined a country on-boarding roadmapWorked with countries/regions to determine any specific needs

#Citrix Confidential Do Not Distribute3. Establish a centralized modelPilot a central model for global web managementConsolidate and control budget at corporate levelConsolidate technology and translations Leverage local teams for content review and initial glossary and style guide work

#Citrix Confidential Do Not DistributeBut A traditional LSP solution would not work We could not implement a TMS We needed a fast approach We wanted a MLSP to work with We wanted an innovative technical solution and good linguistic support

#Citrix Confidential Do Not DistributeVendor/Software Evaluation ProcessChoice became a Proxy based solutionNot many vendors offer this kind of solutionEvaluation based on:Range of languagesMarket experienceFlexibility for solution customization

#Citrix Confidential Do Not DistributeProxy-based Website Translation The BasicsThe proxy uses a translation memory to replace source segments for their translation in real-timeThe translation memory is pre-populated with all segments that have been spidered and translated ahead of timeTranslatable images are swapped out for their translated versionText expansion issues are addressed through modification of the HTML code or style sheet overrides

www.citrix.frproxy server#Citrix Confidential Do Not DistributeThe Citrix Solution

The Corporate master site is the source for page styles, content and layout

Localized full versions of the site are deliveredgloballyUn-translated content passes through untouched yet with a transformed url.Translators execute a first translation and create an initial translation memory. On subsequent iterations they are also assigned any new content identified by the spider.Regional Citrix reviewers perform in-context reviews and make edits directly to the Translation Memory with an on-page review tool.

The Proxy translates the site on the fly. Looks into the translation memory and swaps out matched text, images and documentsTranslation Memory

Content capture: All pages in scope are spidered and cached weekly, capturing all new content required to have pages fully translated

#Citrix Confidential Do Not Distribute19Sophisticated RequirementsAvoid English Bleed on in-scope pages: Caching is enabledSnapshot of pages is taken during the maintenance spiderCache is only deployed on live servers when the translations are ready=> No missing translation in pages being pushed livePredictable behavior for out of scope pages: Translation vs TransformationCitrix requirement: a page should either be fully translated, or revert to just the navigation and footer translation if notAnti-bleed: Defines an area of the page that requires full translation. If not all the segments are available, the whole area is reverted to English, leaving the rest of the page (Navigation, Footer, Promotions) translated.Compliance with new EU privacy guidelines: removal of all tracking cookiesRemoval or hiding of specific US centric contentCustomization of Marketing forms and social sites links

#Citrix Confidential Do Not DistributeBenefits. Rapid deployment (3 months) Hosting, maintenance, development and translation managed by Corporate Limited IT and CMS dependencies Almost real-time updates on regional sites Near instant new design and visual identity Consistency in messaging and content Corporate provided analytics and SEO Maximization of content re-use Ability to review and modify text on-line and in context

#Citrix Confidential Do Not DistributeOn Page Editor Quick Demo

#Citrix Confidential Do Not Distributeand Considerations Mixed language experience top 350 pages translated Local/regional content limited Videos, PDF resources are out of translation scope Modulating translations depending on context is possible but fragile and time consuming to implement Frequency of citrix.com updates could become sub-optimal for a proxy solution Legacy issues (Vanity, CMS, URL formats) on citrix.com can make the proxy brittle Ongoing corporate and regional resources required to onboard and maintain new countries

#Citrix Confidential Do Not DistributeAnd the final result??

#Citrix Confidential Do Not DistributeQuestions?Preguntas?Suallar???Pitanja?Otzky?Sprgsml?Vragen?Ksimusi?Mga Katanungan?Kysymyksi??;?Kesyon??Krdsei vannak?Domande?Spurningar?Pertanyaan?Ceisteanna??Jautjumi?Turite klausim??Mistoqsijiet?#Citrix Confidential Do Not DistributeContactsAdriana Beaton Web Globalization StrategistCitrixadriana.beaton@citrix.com

Julien DidierDirector of ProductionTranslations.comjdidier@translations.com #Citrix Confidential Do Not Distribute#Citrix Confidential Do Not Distribute27Chart1110172731928539176710410642779477009271458555265885535725215304424799934491314437485892939

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