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  • WEB OF SCIENCE 8.0 Science Citation Index Expanded

    Social Sciences Citation Index Arts & Humanities Citation Index


  • Copyright 2007 The Thomson Corporation. Thomson Scientific customers are hereby granted permission to make copies of this training guide for their own use within their organization. All reproduced copies must contain Thomson Scientific's copyright notice (including partial copies). Other reproduction shall require the express consent of Thomson Scientific. Reprint Acknowledgments Excerpt from "Measurement of transient out-of-plane displacement gradients in plates

    using double-pulsed subtraction TV shearography" by Antonio Fernndez, ngel F. Doval, Guillermo H. Kaufmann, Abundio Dvila, Jesus Blanco-Garca, Carlos Prez-Lpez, and Jos L. Fernandez is reprinted with permission from Optical Engineering, Volume 39, August 2000, pp. 2106-2113. Copyright 2000 SPIE-The International Society for Optical Engineering.

    Excerpt from Epistemological aspects of modern painting is reprinted with permission from Filozofia 55 (8) 601-619 2000. C Filozofick stav SAV, Bratislava 2000.

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    Web of Science 8.0 Workshop 2

  • Table of Contents Welcome to the Web of Science ____________________________________________5

    Publication Selection _______________________________________________6

    Database Production and Extraction __________________________________6

    Document Types___________________________________________________7

    Multidisciplinary Scope _____________________________________________8

    Selective Coverage _______________________________________________________8

    Sample Records ___________________________________________________9

    ISI Web of Knowledge All Databases Page __________________________________15

    Database Selection and File Depth _________________________________________16

    General Search_________________________________________________________18

    Rules for Searching _____________________________________________________19

    Truncation & Boolean Operators ____________________________________19

    Proximity Operators & Order of Precedence ___________________________20

    Search ResultsSummary & Sort _________________________________________22

    Search ResultsRefine Results ___________________________________________23

    Search ResultsFull Record _____________________________________________24

    Cited References________________________________________________________26

    Advanced Search _______________________________________________________27

    Analyze Results ________________________________________________________28

    Citation Reports ________________________________________________________29

    Editorial Rules

    Titles ___________________________________________________________31

    Searching By Source Author________________________________________32

    Author Finder ___________________________________________________33

    Searching By Publication Name (Journal Name) _______________________34

    Searching By Group Author ________________________________________34

    Searching By Publication Year ______________________________________35

    Searching By Address _____________________________________________35

    Cited Reference Search __________________________________________________37

    Principles & Uses of Citation Search _________________________________37

    Cited Reference Components _______________________________________38

    Web of Science 8.0 Workshop 3

  • Cited Reference Search--Entering a Search____________________________38

    Cited Reference SearchLookup Page _______________________________39

    Secondary Cited Author Searching___________________________________40

    Eliminating Self-Citations__________________________________________40

    Cited Reference SearchingVariations_______________________________40

    Cited Book ______________________________________________________41

    Cited Patent _____________________________________________________42

    Cited Group Author _______________________________________________43

    Cited Government Report __________________________________________43

    Cited Reference Searching in Arts & Humanities Citation Index___________44

    Processing Records _____________________________________________________45

    Saving Records to EndNote Web___________________________________________46

    Saving Search Histories and Alerts_________________________________________47

    Saving Histories __________________________________________________47

    Running Saved Histories ___________________________________________48

    Receiving Alerts __________________________________________________49

    RSS Feeds_______________________________________________________49

    Appendix AArts & Humanities Search: Sacred Writings Guide Sheet ___________50

    Appendix BSearchable Fields ___________________________________________51

    Appendix CKeyWords Plus Creation Cycle _______________________________55

    Contacting Thomson Scientific ____________________________________________56

    Web of Science 8.0 Workshop 4

  • Introduction

    vailable through the access to the

    ISI Web of Knowledge platform, Web of Science offers web ISI Citation Indexes, containing multidisciplinary, high quality research

    information from the worlds leading science, social sciences and arts and humanities journals. This guide is designed to walk you through the features of Web of Science. If you have any questions, please refer to the contact information listed on page 56.


    Thomson Scientific identifies and indexes the top journals in all areas of the sciences, social sciences, and arts and humanities. All significant document types within these journals are identified and included in our database. This means that you can search for a particular letter, correction, addition, excerpt, editorial or review that has appeared in a journal. Records contain information such as cited references, titles, authors, keywords, abstracts and other document details. Web of Science is a bibliographic database, but linking to the full-text of thousands of journals is available. Access to full text depends on your institutions subscriptions to electronic journals. Web of Science consists of three separate databases that can be searched independently or in combination:

    Covered Journals

    New Records Weekly

    New Cited References Weekly

    Science Citation Index Expanded 6,712 22,200 420,600 Social Sciences Citation Index 1,987 3,000 70,600 Arts & Humanities Citation Index 1,161 1,800 15,500

    Cited Reference Searching

    itation indexing uses the cited references in published articles as subject index terms. It exploits the formal linkages between papers established by the authors

    themselves. Citation searching offers the unique capability of finding new, unknown information based on older, known information.


    Citation information can be used in many ways. For instance, it can be used to discover who is citing your research and how your research is influencing newer research; to uncover the directions in which research is progressing based on an earlier study; to track the work of a research colleague; and to identify the sources of information that competitors, either domestic or international, are consulting for their research.

    Web of Science 8.0 Workshop 5

  • Publication Selection Publications are selected for inclusion in Web of Science based on the following criteria. For more information, visit: http://scientific.thomson.com/knowtrend/essays/selectionofmaterial/journalselection/

    + = Publication Selection

    Editorial Development (Subject matter & Information

    Science expertise) Journal

    Market Research

    Subscribers Recommendations

    Journal Standards Original Research Editorial Standards International Representation Editorial Content

    Citation Analysis Journal Citation Reports Cited Author Data Bradfords Law*

    *Bradfords Law is a bibliometric principle which states that a relatively small number of journals publish the bulk of significant scientific results

    Database Production and Extraction

    The graphic below illustrates the technical processes used to create the ISI database. Data from the parent database are extracted using different load programs to create diverse products.



    Journal/Book acquisition

    Scanning and OCR

    Item Selection and Data Capture

    Manual Indexing/ Translation (for foreign language journals and some A&H content)

    Processing Time 1-2 Weeks

    Appearance of item In ISIs products

    Web of Science 8.0 Workshop 6


  • Web of Science 8.0 Workshop 7

    Document Types

    Every significant item from the journals selected for coverage is indexed.

    All Files Artic