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Web Resources for Teachers. Kathleen Hernandez CIS 221 Fall 2013. Lesson Plan Website. EDSITEment: The Best of Humanities on the Web Created by National Endowment for Humanities Browse by Subject, Grade Level Lesson Plans, Features & Student Resources G aming, database & website links - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


<p>Web Resources for Teachers</p> <p>Web Resources for TeachersKathleen HernandezCIS 221Fall 2013Lesson Plan WebsiteEDSITEment: The Best of Humanities on the WebCreated by National Endowment for HumanitiesBrowse by Subject, Grade LevelLesson Plans, Features &amp; Student ResourcesGaming, database &amp; website links</p> <p>http://edsitement.neh.govStudent to Expert Communication WebsiteAsk A HistorianSearch by topic, keyword, time periodAsk a Digital HistorianAsk a Master TeacherAlso of Interest related links</p> <p>http://teachinghistory.org/history-content/ask-a-historianReal Time &amp; Recorded Data WebsiteNestCamsThe Cornell Lab of OrnithologyReal time view of 5 speciesProject FeederWatchGreat Backyard Bird CountBird Sounds downloads</p> <p>http://watch.birds.cornell.edu/nestcams/home/index</p> <p>Archival &amp; Primary Source WebsiteNational History Education ClearinghouseLesson plan review &amp; teaching guidesWebsite reviews and resourcesELL sectionQuicklinks by grade level</p> <p>http://teachinghistory.org</p> <p>Skills &amp; Practice WebsiteKhan AcademyMath, Science, Economic &amp; HumanitiesVideo Lessons for K-8Interactive assessmentsCoach/Instructor follows student progressClassroom or home use</p> <p>http://www.khanacademy.org/</p> <p>Exploration &amp; Discovery WebsiteNational Geographic KidsExplore by Continent or CountryExplore by AnimalGames, Videos &amp; ActivitiesLittle Kids 3 to 8 yr. olds</p> <p>http://kids.nationalgeographic.com/kids</p> <p>Kathleen HernandezPre-Elementary Education, HFCCHas the BESTEST BOY EVER!!Loves chocolateBorn Polish, married Mexican</p> <p>kmbaugh@hawkmail.hfcc.edu</p>