Wednesday 2/23 A-day Thursday 2/24 B-day Book Review Publishing Warm Up Vocabulary Writing Workshop

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Wednesday 2/23 A-day Thursday 2/24 B-day Book Review Publishing Warm Up Vocabulary Writing Workshop Slide 2 Lab Time Please get out the following materials and be prepared to go to the lab as soon as the bell rings: Book Review Rough Draft with corrections Highlighting checklist or rubric if you have them Biblionasium username and password Vocabulary Set 5 sheet pencil We will have 45 minutes in the lab when we get there please log in immediately Slide 3 How to Publish Your Final Book Reviews GoogleClassroom: 1.There should be a copy of your draft in you drive open that 2.Open up the new assignment in GoogleClassroom 3.Make any necessary changes to your draft make sure you name is on it 4.Turn in your final DO NOT SHARE IT WITH ME Slide 4 How to Publish Your Final Book Reviews Biblionasium 1.Log in using the username and password I provided you with 2.Once you have logged in make sure that you have added your Book Club book to your bookshelf 3.Then once you have done select the book and click Review it 4.Copy and paste your FINAL Book Review into the space provided 5.Make sure that you are not including your full name 6.Hit save Slide 5 Book Club Meeting By now you should have finished your books Discuss with your book clubs the following items: How did you feel about the ending? AND WHY? What would you have changed about the book? AND WHY? What character changed the most throughout the story? What character changed the least? Did you like this better or worse than last quarters book? Slide 6 Writing Workshop Time First: Work towards completing Journal Check- Ins 3 A,B,C. Go back and make any changes that I asked you to on prior journal entries. Make sure you have 9 entries Second: Vocabulary Set 5 sentences Third: Answer the following prompt in your journal: If your life was a YA Lit book, what would it be about? What genre? What would you write about? Begin writing the introductory paragraph to your story. Create a title for your book. Be prepared to share Fourth: Read silently Slide 7 Set 5 Vocabulary Slideshow 7.4 Students will determine the meanings and pronunciations of unfamiliar words and phrases within authentic texts. Slide 8 permanent adjective: lasting or expected to last for a long time. Slide 9 respite noun: a period of rest; a pause Slide 10 strenuous adjective: 1. needing much effort; using a lot of energy 2. very active; vigorous Slide 11 toil verb: 1. to work long and hard 2. to make ones way with difficulty noun: hard and tiring labor Slide 12 urgent adjective: needing quick attention noun: urgency: The need for quick attention