Wednesday, April 23 rd : “A” Day Thursday, April 24 th : “B” Day Agenda  Homework questions/collect  In-class assignment: Chapter 7 review worksheet.

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  • Wednesday, April 23rd: A DayThursday, April 24th: B DayAgendaHomework questions/collectIn-class assignment: Chapter 7 review worksheetConcept Review Work TimeJust for fun: Chemistry Punishment worksheet

    Juniors/Mrs. Elfline gone PSAE Testing

  • In-Class/Homework - Practice pg. 243: #1-4- Pg. 56 Worksheet: #1a-d (side 56 only)Questions?


    Turn in

  • In-Class AssignmentUse your notes, periodic table, ion chart, book, etc. to complete this chapter 7 review on your own.

    When you finish, work on the concept review - you can complete through #5 on pg. 6.

  • Chemistry Punishment WorksheetIf you finish both the chapter 7 summary worksheet AND the concept review, you and a partner can work on the chemistry punishment worksheet.It will not be graded, its just for fun.