Wednesday December 17 th A-day Thursday December 18 th B-day Warm Up- Vocab Sentences/Review OR Finish Cause and Effect Paragraph Vocabulary Set 3 Summative

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Wednesday December 17th A-day Thursday December 18th B-day

Wednesday December 17th A-dayThursday December 18th B-dayWarm Up- Vocab Sentences/Review OR Finish Cause and Effect ParagraphVocabulary Set 3 SummativeSummative Whole Class DiscussionWarm UpDo you have a book to read after the vocab test?

If you are not done with your Cause and Effect Paragraph please take the next 10minutes to finish that and turn it into your blocks tray

When you finish you should be writing sentences for vocab words 11-15 and preparing for the vocabulary summativeVocabulary SummativeIMPORTANT REMINDERS:Put your name on your answer sheetDO NOT write on the storyUse complete sentencesEach word is only used ONCE Only ONE word per questionCross off the word in the word bank once you have used itPlease turn your answers into your blocks tray and stack the stories in front of the trayRead silently until everyone is finishedCause & Effect Socratic SeminarThe Socratic seminar is a formal discussion, based on a text, in which the leader (Ms. Terseck)asks open-ended questions. Within the context of the discussion, students listen closely to the comments of others, thinking critically for themselves, and articulate their own thoughts and their responses to the thoughts of others. They learn to work cooperatively and to question intelligently and civilly (Israel 89). Israel, Elfie. Examining Multiple Perspectives in Literature. In Inquiry and the Literary Text: Constructing Discussions n the English Classroom. James Holden and John S. Schmit, eds. Urbana, IL: NCTE, 2002.RemindersHave your research notes out on your deskBe listening to what others are saying so that you can respond in an intelligent wayDo not just make random statements then sit back and listenYou MUST speak at least 2-3 timesRemember if I cant hear you I cant grade youQuestionsWe will do our best to get through as many as possibleWhy is teen internet safety an important topic to discuss in todays society?What surprising statistics did you find in your research?Do you feel as though the realistic suggestion to fix the problem that you came up with could actually work?


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