Wednesday, May 18 th : “A” Day Thursday, May 19 th : “B” Day Agenda  Collect chapter 7 vocabulary crossword puzzle  Ch. 7 Test: “The Mole and Chemical

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  • Wednesday, May 18th: A DayThursday, May 19th: B DayAgendaCollect chapter 7 vocabulary crossword puzzleCh. 7 Test: The Mole and Chemical CompositionYou will need a calculator and a periodic tableYou may use your guided notes, polyatomic ions table, etc.Movie: Making Stuff: Smaller

    May the force be with you!

  • Movie: Making Stuff: SmallerThis movie ties right into the nanotechnology work that is being done now at the University of Illinois that Joe Muskin spoke about last week.You DO NOT have to take notes on the movie enjoy!Next time:Go over chapter 7 test2nd Semester Final Review Day