Welcome and Questions Day 4. Today’s Agenda Component 6: Team Initiated Problem Solving (TIPS) Roll-out for STAFF, STUDENTS & FAMILIES BREAK/CHECK OUT:

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<ul><li>Slide 1</li></ul> <p>Welcome and Questions Day 4 Slide 2 Todays Agenda Component 6: Team Initiated Problem Solving (TIPS) Roll-out for STAFF, STUDENTS &amp; FAMILIES BREAK/CHECK OUT: 10:30 11:00 Team Presentations (5 -10 minutes) NEXT STEPS Slide 3 Component 6: Procedures for Record Keeping &amp; Decision Making Slide 4 Collect and and Use Data Review Status and Identify Problems Develop and Refine Hypotheses Discuss and Select Solutions Develop and Implement Action Plan Evaluate and Revise Action Plan Problem Solving Meeting Foundations Team Initiated Problem Solving (TIPS) Model Team Initiated Problem Solving (TIPS) Slide 5 Improving Decision-Making via Problem Solving Problem Solving Solution Information/ Data Action Planning &amp; Evaluation Slide 6 Organizing for an effective problem solving conversation Problem Solution Out of Time Use Data A key to collective problem solving is to provide a visual context that allows everyone to follow and contribute Slide 7 Core roles Facilitator Minute taker Data analyst Active team member Administrator Backup for each role Can one person serve multiple roles? Are there other roles needed? Typically NOT the administrator Define Roles for Effective Mtgs Slide 8 PBIS Team Meeting Minutes and Problem-Solving Action Plan Form Todays Meeting: Date, time, location: Facilitator: Minute Taker:Data Analyst: Next Meeting:Date, time, location: Facilitator: Minute Taker:Data Analyst: Team Members (bold are present today) Todays Agenda Items Next Meeting Agenda Items 01. 02. 03. 1. 2. Information for Team, or Issue for Team to Address Discussion/Decision/Task (if applicable)Who?By When? Administrative/General Information and Issues Implementation and Evaluation Precise Problem Statement, based on review of data (What, When, Where, Who, Why) Solution Actions (e.g., Prevent, Teach, Prompt, Reward, Correction, Extinction, Safety) Who?By When? Goal, Timeline, Decision Rule, &amp; Updates Problem-Solving Action Plan Our Rating YesSo-SoNo 1. Was todays meeting a good use of our time? 2. In general, did we do a good job of tracking whether were completing the tasks we agreed on at previous meetings? 3. In general, have we done a good job of actually completing the tasks we agreed on at previous meetings? 4. In general, are the completed tasks having the desired effects on student behavior? Evaluation of Team Meeting (Mark your ratings with an X) Slide 9 Slide 10 Slide 11 Want to Learn More? Two Opportunities: 1.Recorded Webinar at: https://vimeo.com/user18175786/videos https://vimeo.com/user18175786/videos 1.Coaches Slide 12 Plan for Roll-out Slide 13 Communication is key! Slide 14 VTPBiS Roll-out for Staff What is it? When? Agenda? Materials? Responsible team members? Slide 15 VTPBiS Roll-out for Students What is it? When should it take place? How to prepare for it? What to cover? Related activities? How often to revisit? Responsible team members? Slide 16 VTPBiS Roll-out for Families Objectives: Communicate the goals of VTPBiS Explain how you will use VTPBiS to create social culture Enlist parents to be partners Slide 17 Ways to Communicate VTPBiS to Families Letter and packet General presentation at back-to-school event Review by classroom teachers Tri-fold brochure Information on web-site PTA presentation Newsletter Homework assignment for students to teach parents expectations Slide 18 Activity #15: Planning for Roll-out As a team, plan your VTPBiS roll-out using the VTPBiSAnnual Implementation Plan/Roll out. Complete the Staff, Student and Community/Family Roll-out Worksheet Templates as well. Slide 19 FINAL ACTIVITY: Completion of VTPBiS Universal Training Workbook As a team, list all tasks &amp; projects that still need to be finished and schedule next meeting date(s). IMPORTANT! Turn in a copy of your Workbook before you leave: at the registration desk Or e-mail it to anne.dubie@uvm.eduanne.dubie@uvm.edu Slide 20 TEAM PRESENTATIONS! Slide 21 Where do we go from here thoughts and questions. Slide 22 VT Statewide Structure of Support LevelHow is support provided?Who is supported? State Technical Assistance (State TAs) Info Dissemination Funding TA/Coaching to SUs Regional Meetings Trainings SU/District Coordinators &amp; SU/District Leadership Teams Implementation Coaches (for some schools) Coaching to SUs and Schools Trainings SU/District Coordinators, School Coordinator &amp; Building Teams SU/District Coordinator Coaching to schools Visibility and political support Resources School Coordinator &amp; Building Teams School Coordinator &amp; School Leadership Teams Implementation of evidence-based practices Staff, Students and Families Slide 23 Data Communicate Share Information Participate The elements necessary to sustain PBIS include: Slide 24 Next Steps &amp; Important Dates State TA Contact SWIS Training Webinar: September 3 rd 2015 VTPBiS Training Calendar &amp; Resources: www.pbisvermont.orgwww.pbisvermont.org Coordinators as Coaches Learning and Networking Series Stay Tuned! VTPBiS Newsletters VTPBiS Pinterest 24 Slide 25 Questions? Contact your State TA Cassandra Townshend: Sherry Schoenberg: Ken Kramberg: Josh Souliere: Richard Boltax: Visit: www.pbisvermont.org Slide 26 THANK YOU! Safe Travels! </p>


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