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Welcome Parents! Mrs. Roeder’s Kindergarten 2009-2010 Copyright 2008 Sandra Roeder

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Text of Welcome Parents! Mrs. Roeder’s Kindergarten 2009-2010 Copyright 2008 Sandra Roeder

  • Welcome Parents!Mrs. Roeders Kindergarten2009-2010Copyright 2008 Sandra Roeder

  • OverviewAll about Mrs. RoederOur daily scheduleCurriculumSpecial ClassesClass Rules/Behavior PlanOur Class WebsitePracticing skills taught in classContacting Mrs. Roeder

  • Getting to know Mrs. Roeder16 years overall experience in educationTaught 1st Grade for 1 yearTaught 2nd Grade for 3 yearsSpecial Ed. Instructional Aide for 1 yearAssistant 1st Grade Teacher for 3 yearsHead Kindergarten Teacher for BCIU Wrap-Around Program at Schuylkill Valley Elementary for 2 yearsThis is my sixth year teaching full-day kindergarten at S.V.

  • Full Day Kindergarten Daily Schedule8:40-9:00 Check-In/Books & Puzzle Time9:00-9:15 Morning Exercises9:15-9:30 Circle Time9:30-10:10 Kid Writing10:10-10:20 Movement Activity10:20-11:00 Reading11:05-11:35 Lunch11:40-12:05 Recess12:15-1:00 Math1:00-1:15 Snack1:15-1:45 Interventions1:45-2:20 Specials2:20-3:10 Science/Social Studies/Crafts/Free Play

  • Curriculum HighlightsKid Writing Children begin writing on day one Journal writing every other day Integrate kid writing in other curriculum areas Each child progresses at own pace Strengthens fine motor skills and develops amazing growth in phonics skills

  • Examples of Kid Writing GrowthTypical One Year Progress Sample 1


  • Examples of Kid Writing GrowthTypical One Year Progress Sample 2


  • More Curriculum HighlightsDifferentiated Instruction Small group instruction during Math Small group instruction during Language Arts Differentiated center activities Guided Reading Kid Writing Individually designed instruction as needed

  • Special ClassesGym (Mr. Todd Reinert) 2 xs per cycleMusic (Mrs. Deb Kerchner) 2 xs per cycleArt (Mrs. Carey Steward) 1 x per cycleLibrary (Mrs. Amber Koch) 1 x per cycleComputer (Mrs. Julie Cherry) 1 x per cycle beginning in January.

  • Classroom RulesBe KindShareRaise Your HandListen When The Teacher Is SpeakingFollow DirectionsKeep Hands and Feet to YourselfRespect School and Others Property

  • Behavior Chart SystemEach student will have his/her name of a clothespin that is attached to a green color strip on a poster chartThe color strips on the chart move from green, to yellow, to blue, to red.The goal is for your child to stay on the green strip for the day by following classroom rulesIf your childs pin moves to yellow this is a warning that he/she needs to try to make better choicesIf your childs pin moves to blue, 10 minutes of recess is lostIf your childs pin moves to red, a note or phone call to the parent will be made and an entire recess will be lost

  • KROs Web Page InformationI use a class wiki page to give parents and students information about what is going on in our classroom, upcoming events, and important reminders.

    This is basically an electronic version of the monthly newsletters I will be sending home in the childrens folders.

    Students and parents can also go here to find fun games to practice skills being taught in class.

    Beginning in September, I will feature a Superstar of the Week page, on our wikispace. Look for your childs page when it is his/her Superstar Week.

    Go to and be sure to check out the video on the KROFUN page, to give your child a special preview of some of the fun things we do in Kindergarten.

    Important!!! Please fill out the Contact Information form that is found on the wikipage and submit it to me as soon as possible. It is found on the GENERAL INFORMATION FORM page of the wikispace. Thank you!

    This is something new that I am trying, this year. So bear with me if we have any glitches. You will always have a hard copy of the monthly newsletter. The site is just a backup and a fun addition.

    If you have any questions about using this site, please feel free to contact me at any time.

  • Contacting Mrs. RoederSchool Email [email protected]

    Phone 610-916-5669

  • Conclusion:Welcome to a Wonderful Year!Full-Day Kindergarten offers your child many exciting opportunitiesOur full-day schedule gives the opportunity to meet the needs of all childrens learning styles Exposure to the arts and sciencesExtra time for socializationFun memories for you and your child to share!

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