Welcome Please get your Greek and Latin roots cards out and ready to go

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Greek and Latin Roots

WelcomePlease get your Greek and Latin roots cards out and ready to go.

Two key definitionsDefinitiona border or fence drawn around the definition. What you would find in dictionary. This goes on TOP of your card

Derivationa brook or stream that leaves the main river. These are the words that all have the root word in them. They go underneath the definition.

Colors---there will be a colored border around the edge of your cardGreen means the root word is Greek

Red means the root word is LatinPhone = soundPhonograph=writing with soundTelephonesound from far awayPhonogramwritten sound (gramma=letter)Symphonysounds that go togetherMegaphone---device to make sounds BIG(mega=big)phone

Sonus = soundSoundvibrations perceived by our earsSonicrelating to what we can hearSonneta form of rhyming Italian poetrySonara device that hears underwaterConsonantspeech sounds make with lips, tongue or teethsonar


Skopeo=look at, examineScopeall that the eye can seeMicroscopedevice to look at small objects (mikros=small)Telescopedevice for seeing far awayPeriscopedevice for seeing around (peri-around)Kaleidoscope---device for seeing beautiful forms or arrangements (kalos=beautiful)skopeo

Anyalyze these.KalosphiliaSupersonic Phony Telephoneophilia

PHOTOS = LIGHT definitionderivationsPhotographpicture drawn by light

Telephotolight from far away

Photophilialove of light

Photosynthesisprocess of putting things together with light

Photometera device which measures lightPhotos

Graph = to write or draw definition Derivations:

Photographpicture drawn by lightPhonographmachine for writing/recording soundTelegraphwrite from far awayAutographto write ones own name


Tele = far away/distant definitionDerivations:Televisionsee distant thingsTelephonesound from far awayTelegraphwriting from a distanceTelephotolight from far awayTelescopedevice for looking at distant objectsTelepathyknowing how someone far away is doing or thinkingTele

Tropis = turningTropicsarea of earth around the equatorTropicalthe climate in the tropicsPhototropicturning towards light


Metron = measureMeter---unit of measure, 39.47Geometrymeasurement of earth (geo = earth)Optometrymeasure eyesight (optis = sight)Thermometermeasure heat (thremos = heat)Metron

Philia = love, friendshipPhilosopherone who loves wisdomPhilanthropistone who cares about fellow man (anthropos=man)Philogynistone who loves women(gyne=woman)Bibliophileone who loves books Pedophileone who loves children


Phobos = fearPhobiairrational fearClaustrophobiafear of close/closed places (claus = lock or bolt)Hydrophobiafear of waterZoophobiafear of ???Toxiphobia---fear of ???


Thesis= put, place, positionThesisa position or argument supported by a set of reasonsThemean essay on a certain topicSyntheticchemicals put together to make a non-organic thingSynthesizerputs musical sounds togetherThesis

Syn = with, togetherSympathyto feel with someone else (pathos=feeling)Symphonysounds that go together (phon=sound)Synthesisputting together (thesis=put,place)Synonymtwo words, same meaning (nom=name)Synchronizeto do things at same time (chronos=time)Syn

Kinesis = movementKineticmovement of bodyKinescopemachine which shows pictures of movement (skopeo=look at)Cinemamotion pictures (Greek alphabet had no letter C, they used K)kinesis

Try to analyze these wordsPhotosynthesisSynergySyntheticCinematographerAntithesisKinesthetic learner