Welcome to 3 rd Grade! Let’s learn some fun facts about OCES together!

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Welcome to 3 rd Grade! Lets learn some fun facts about OCES together! Slide 2 What to do when you enter our classroom! 1.Unpack your book bag and place in appropriate location. 2.Make your lunch choice 3.Begin your morning work assignments 4.Read your book if you finish morning work This is what we will do every day! Make sure that you know what to do! Slide 3 Classroom Behavior This is a classroom, so be sure to pick up your things. Be in the right place, at the right time, doing the right thing, with the right materials. Walk quietly, and keep hands, feet and objects to yourself. Be responsible and accept consequences for your choice. Leave gum, candy, toys, and other unacceptable items at home. Slide 4 Be in the right place, at the right time, doing the right thing, with the right materials. Right Place- where an adult asks you to be Right Time- when an adult asks you to be there. Right Thing- what an adult asks you to do. Right Materials- what an adult asks you to have. Slide 5 What should I bring to school with me? Each day you will need your school supplies. You may bring a healthy snack from home. Water bottles are welcome at school but your teacher will tell you what to do with them. Toys need to stay at home so you can play with them when there. We dont want you to lose them. Slide 6 Lets talk about what we do in the classroom Noise level-we need to use friendly voices for conversations We need to stay in our seats unless we are asked to do something else Remember how we sit in our seats When we talk with our friends, what should we do? Slide 7 How do we line up? We line up when an adult asks us to. We push our chair under the desk gently We get in a line (one behind the other at the back of the room) with out talking. Slide 8 How do we walk in the hallway? The Hallway is a Quiet Zone. What does it mean to be quiet? Stay in a line, one behind the other and walk in the third row of squares from the wall (the first white block). Our hands need to me by our sides as we walk. Slide 9 Lunchroom Behavior Lunch Line Fork, napkin, tray (say THANK YOU), other food items, milk/juice, type in number, walk quietly to lunch table Lunch Table Red cup means silent (8 minutes) Green cup means you may talk quietly with the person next to you or directly across from you. Lunch Manners Chew with your mouth closed Remember to not talk when eating! Keep your hands, feet, and other items to yourself. Do not throw your food in the air or on the floor. During the first 7 days of school the teachers will be in the lunchroom with you to make sure you display these appropriate behaviors. Slide 10 SWING Behavior SWING is an extra time for you to learn about fun subjects. You are expected to follow the same classroom rules during SWING as you are with your academic teachers. SWING teachers may also take away privileges. Your classroom teachers may appear at any time to check on your behavior during SWING Slide 11 Classroom Supplies Classroom supplies are important to have with you every day. What are the supplies that you need to bring with you every day? Lets talk about them! Slide 12 Playground Rules Swings- Swings go forward and back, not side to side or around in circles. Do not try to dodge the swings. Slide- you go down the slide on your bottom Basketballs/ Kickballs- to be used in actual games of basketball and kickball. Use equipment for what it was made to do! KEEP YOUR HANDS TO YOURSELF! Slide 13 End of Day Procedures Pack up time: follow teacher directions We will have different jobs during dismissal time. Lets talk about what some of these may be. Slide 14 What are the consequences for my behavior? You dont earn the privileges. For you, that means No Recess Silent Lunch No Ice Cream Loss of PRIDE Time Until you show that you can meet the expectations Slide 15 Other Reminders Tuesday Folders- Tuesday Folders go home on Tuesdays. You need to show them to your parents, have them look at your assignments and handouts and sign the folder. Then you bring it back the next day Agendas- Your are expected to write down all homework assignments each day and have your parents sign your agendas each day