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Welcome to 7 th Grade!

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Welcome to 7 th Grade!. Mrs. Pope’s Class . Future Planning. Objective: To give you an authentic education and prepare you for 8 th grade. Goal: To help you become successful in all subject areas. What you’ll need every day :. PLANNER! Pencils A Binder! Binder Tabs Folders - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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    Mrs. Popes Class

  • FUTURE PLANNINGObjective: To give you an authentic education and prepare you for 8th grade.Goal: To help you become successful in all subject areas.

  • WHAT YOULL NEED EVERY DAY:PLANNER!PencilsA Binder!Binder TabsFoldersNotebook Paper

  • DAILY ACTIVITIESBe in room ON TIME, every dayIf youre late once, youll get a warning.If youre late twice, youll receive a demerit/detention

  • DAILY ACTIVITIESCome in room with a positive attitude.Leave negativity at the door.Be prepared for classWhen you enter the room, be ready to start work!

  • DAILY ACTIVITIESBookshelfSign in and out completelySticks of FateFrogsFed Tuesdays and Fridays by the Sticks of Fate

  • HOMEWORK BOARDFilled out every dayIf student takes initiative, they can fill out the board.Agenda signed by Mrs. Pope and filled out by YOU and every day

  • TUTORINGYoure expected to work ALL period, EVERY day.Tutoring will become pass/failI will record days that are not productiveFor good behavior, youll be able to

  • CLASSROOM EXPECTATIONS: THE 5 BES1) Be prepared and be ready to work.

    2) Be kind.

    3) Be positive.

    4) Be on time.

    5) Be the best you can be.

  • CLASSROOM RULES1) Listen when someone is talking.

    2) RESPECT- treat others the way you want to be treated.

    3) Get homework finished on time.

  • INTEREST INVENTORYInterest Inventory!

  • JOURNALING EXPECTIONSJournals MUST HAVE:Capital letters at the beginning of a sentence.Punctuation at the end of the sentence.Indent the first sentence of a paragraph.Rephrase the question at the beginning of your response.

  • ORGANIZATION EXPECTATIONSStudents MUST:Have divider tabs organized by first period through eighth periodFile papers IN THE CORRECT DIVIDER TAB before leaving the classOrganize their binder each week and have it checked by Mrs. Pope.

  • HOMEWORK EXPECTATIONSStudents MUST:Bring homework to tutoring to work on dailyNot make excuses. It is YOUR responsibility to get your homework done outside of school. Each week, students will complete activities in tutoring. Only after those tasks will students be permitted to work on homework.

  • Days of the Week:Activity in Tutoring:MondayJournalingTuesdayContent Area Lesson and ActivityWednesdayStudent Grade ChecksThursdayStudent Organizational ChecksFridayWritten Responses, Small Group Instruction, AIMS Web testing

  • FUN FACTS ABOUT MRS. POPEI love to travel! Ive run marathons, marathonsI read ALL the time (my favorite book is the Power of Six