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Welcome to Algebra 1 GT/Pre-AP

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Welcome to Algebra 1 GT/Pre-AP. This is room 104. My name is Mrs. Bollinger. “There is no such thing as a math gene” You are not good/bad at math because your parents were good/bad at math! Genetics has nothing to do with it!. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of Welcome to Algebra 1 GT/Pre-AP

Welcome to 6th Grade Math

Need a conference?My conference period is from 12:11 12:56.Please call the counseling office to set up an appointment.I am also available after school (by appointment).

My Email [email protected]

PreAP courses are designed to challenge motivated students and prepare them for success in college level course work in high school and in college. These courses typically move at a faster pace, are more academically challenging, and require more independent learning and homework than other courses. Profile of a Successful PreAP StudentProfesses interest in the subject selectedDevelops and maintains excellent study skills and habitsCarefully considers time commitments and balances academic load with family life or outside commitmentsAsks questions and participates in classPerseveres when faced with challenging materialAsks for assistance when neededPlans and works ahead on long-term projectsExiting a PreAP CourseA student may exit Pre-AP courses during the first six-weeks grading period or at the end of the semester (regardless of student performance) and must have teacher and parent approval. Students and parents should have the benefit of knowing the six-weeks grade before making an exit decision. Students should consider exiting a Pre-AP course if they cannot maintain at least a C average.*For more information on the PreAP program in Klein ISD please see section K on pages 3 and 4 of the Online Intermediate Student Handbook.

To Access my Web PageGo to Click on CampusesChoose WunderlichClick on Teachers Save my website to your FavoritesSupplies to Bring to Class (everyday)PencilAll work is to be done in pencilWork done in pen will receive a grade of 0.Spiral Interactive Note BookWorkbooksBook

Classroom RoutineWarm-upGo over homeworkQuick Check and/or Homework QuizNotes/Graphic OrganizerClass PracticeStart homework

Daily Grades (worth 30% of grade) Pop Quizzes Worksheets Quick Checks

Tests (worth 60% of grade)Math Test days are Mondays and WednesdaysAll tests will be announcedAt least 3 every 6 weeks

Homework(worth 10% of grade)Homework almost every eveningNot checking each individual students homeworkInstead, I will give the students the answers to the homework during classit is up to the students to ask questions and get clarification on anything they do not understand.Homework Quizzes based on recent homework assignments, may use workbooks or notesFinal Exam EOC/STAARThis year (HB5) students enrolled in 8th grade Algebra 1 classes are responsible for taking and passing:The 8th grade STAAR andThe Algebra 1 End Of Course Exam (EOC)

The focus of this class is not the 8th grade STAARIt is expected that if your child is in high school Algebra 1 (this class), they are already prepared for the 8th grade STAAR.The focus of this class is the Algebra 1 EOCThe results of this test will follow your child to high schoolThe results of this test will go on you childs high school transcriptNOTICE!!There will be no extra credit offered at Wunderlich Intermediate this year.

It is expected that your child will take advantage of the many opportunities offered to them here at Wunderlich.

Textbook Website AlgebraTo get additional help or materialsView tutorialsPlay gamesmy.hrw.comUsername: student7971Password: w7j2v

TutorialsTuesdays after school in Room 104During WIFLDuring lunchesAdditional tutorials are available by appointment

Be Informed:Get ConnectedParents can access the GRADESPEED program that all teachers use to record your students grades.Login to www.kleinisd.netSelect Parent Access/ConnectionRead the instructions and click on the bottom click here to continue to the login screen.Select Parent option

3 Must Haves to Get ConnectedStudents ID numberStudents SSN or state ID numberStudents date of birth

% (Math Club) Sponsors: Mrs. Nguyen and Ms. Nguyen (Its a win win situation)During WIFLFun math puzzlesMental math tricks and shortcutsCompetitions: District, State, International

Questions and ConcernsIf you ever have any questions or concerns please feel free to email me. I will get back to you as soon as possible.Thank you!

Thank you for coming!

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