Welcome to Kensico School “ A Fun Place to Learn! ” Open House Monday, September 22, 2014

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  • Welcome to Kensico School A Fun Place to Learn! Open House Monday, September 22, 2014
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  • Purpose of Open House Learn about Kensico School policies and procedures Meet your childs teacher(s). Learn the expectations of your childs classroom teacher(s) Please refrain from discussing your childs information. Parent-Teacher Conferences are scheduled for November 20 th, December 2 nd and April 30 th.
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  • Schedule for the Evening 7:007:30 Opening remarks, introduction of staff Gym 7:358:05 3 rd Grade Overview of Homeroom, ELA, Math, Science, Social Studies 4 th & 5 th Grade Visit Special Subject Area Teachers/Refreshments in Cafeteria 8:108:40 4 th & 5 th Grades Overview of Homeroom, Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies 3 rd Grade Visit Special Subject Area Teachers/Refreshments in Cafeteria
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  • School/Home Communication Notes from the Principal bimonthly (on Kensico website) Website: most up-to-date source of information Connect-Ed Twitter: @KensicoMatt E-mail Student Agendas Phone updates voicemails for teachers and staff Parent/Teacher Conferences to share information about your child and review student progress (November 20, December 2 and April 24)
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  • School Safety Drop-Off and Pick-Up Protocols/Traffic Safety Visitor Policy have photo ID ready when entering school School doors locked all the time (including after-school hours) buzz in, sign in, obtain visitor badge, escort to your location Please alert your childs teacher and/or the office with changes in dismissal Please watch your speed! Drop-off is a quick one along sidewalk exit passenger side only! Please do not move cones! Please do not park in the circle for an extended period of time. You can park in the circle to drop your child off in the morning after busses are finished and/or to pick up a sick child from the Nurses Office.
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  • Behavioral Expectations Kensico CARES: Cooperation Assertion Responsibility Empathy Self-Control Behavioral Expectations Packet in homerooms Stress all of the bus safety rules with your child(ren): Stay seated all of the time Keep your hands, feet, and objects to yourself at all times Talk using an inside voice all of the time Camera on every bus
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  • Dignity for All Students Act (DASA) Ensures that all students: Are protected from harassment and discrimination Can attend school in a safe and supportive environment where all students rights are protected Are encouraged to practice and appreciate the importance of civility (politeness, courtesy, respect and good manners) Are encouraged and expected to behave in a way that is in keeping with the schools mission Are encouraged and expected to respect the rights of others
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  • Recess Before Lunch Before eating lunch, students will be dismissed to the playgrounds for recess and then be brought in to eat lunch. Following lunch, students will return to their classroom, ready to learn. Benefits to recess before lunch: Children eat a more balanced diet. Improved lunchroom behavior and less waste or food thrown away since students are not in a hurry to get outside to play. Improved classroom performance, as children return to class feeling more full and settled. We hope this new schedule will promote better nutrition and student achievement for all our students. RecessLunch 3 rd Grade10:55-11:2511:30-11:50 4 th Grade11:30-12:0012:05-12:25 5 th Grade12:10-12:4012:45-1:05 Students have the same amount of time for playing and eating as they had in the past.
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  • Information from our School Nurse Attendance is a critical component to maximizing and increasing student achievement. Please call the nurses office by 9:30 a.m. to report an absence or lateness (arriving after 8:45 am). All new students and all 4 th graders are required to have a physical. If your child is vomiting or had a fever the night before, please keep him/her home. This is a safety issue. All over-the-counter medications and prescription medication require a physicians prescription and parental permission, e.g. cough drops, etc. More emphasis on healthy foods for celebrations.
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  • Field Trips Neuberger Museum Grade 3 SoundWaters Grade 5 Albany Grade 4 Franklin Mineral Museum Grade 5 Broadway Aladdin Grade 5 Smiths Tavern Grade 4 Natures Classroom Grade 3 Botanical Gardens Grade 4 Liberty Science Center Grade 4
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  • School Spirit Student Council School Store School Spirit Days Food Drives Clothing Drives Canned Food Drives Talent Show PARP Winter Concert/Celebrate the Arts Band/Chorus/Orchestra Assemblies Family Reading Nights Book Fair 5 th Grade Bring a Friend to Lunch
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  • Valhalla Union Free School District: Building a Shared Vision A+ = Accelerate Academic Achievement 21 st Century Learning (5Cs) and the Global Citizen Critical Thinking Collaboration Communication Curiosity & Creativity Learning anywhere, anytime for everyone Focus on the whole childacademics, arts, athletics Safety firstsee something, say something with your head and your heart
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  • Common Core State Standards ELA Read more non-fiction Learn about the world through reading Read more challenging material Talk about reading using evidence Learn to write from what is read Know more vocabulary words Terminology Text any written work Non-fiction texts about real-life events or facts Evidence bits of proof from the text Judgment a students conclusion about what they have read Speed and accuracy how quickly a student can solve math problems correctly EngageNY.org The Common Core Learning Standards create clear expectations for what students in Pre-K 12 th grade should be able to do in reading, writing, speaking and listening, language and math. The standards include shifts, or changes in how teachers teach to help children succeed in the topics and skills that matter most. Math Build on learning year after year Spend more time on fewer concepts Use math facts easily Develop speed and accuracy in solving problems Really know it, really do it Use math in real-world situations
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  • Standardized Testing GradesTestDates 3, 4, 5TerraNovaMarch 9 12 3, 4, 5NYS English Language Arts (ELA) Assessment April 14 16 3, 4, 5NYS Mathematics AssessmentApril 20 to 22 4NYS Science Assessment (ESPET) Performance May 20 to 29 4NYS Science Assessment (ESPET) Written June 1
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  • Level 3 -Special Ed Referral -Develop an IEP/504 Level 2 -Instructional Support team (IST) -Examine data -Small group/intensive support (5-7 students) from Reading Specialist/Math AIS -Library Enrichment -Push-in/Pull-out support -Lunch Buddies -Social Skill Instruction -Health-related/Nutrition-related support -Daily Behavior Slips -Parent Conference -Morning Homework Help -Student teachers -Progress Monitor (Watch) -Continue/Change Intervention Level 1 Classroom teacher provides: -Instruction delivered in Whole Class, Small Group, & Individual -Balanced Literacy: Word Work, Shared reading, Self-selected reading, Guided reading, Writers Workshop (90 minutes daily Literacy block) -Flexible grouping -Classroom centers -Cooperative Learning -Kensico CARES -Differentiated learning -Technology Integration -Class Charts (Behavior) -Hands-on learning experiences -Math enVisions -Rotational Guidance -Assessments: Formative/Summative, Fountas & Pinnell, TerraNova, NYS ELA, Math & Science -Focus on Attendance -Guidance lessons -Staff Workshops/Training Very Intensive Support Intervention and Enrichment Daily Direct Instruction
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  • Instructional Support Team (IST) Committee members - Principal, Classroom Teachers, Speech Teacher, Reading Specialists, School Psychologist, AIS Math Teacher Reviews students who are experiencing academic or behavioral difficulties Discuss childs strengths, areas of need and brainstorm how we can best meet the needs of the student Action plan and follow up to assess how the child is performing
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  • Hints to Help Your Child With School Set up a consistent homework time and location Attend school daily and arrive on time, ready for the days learning experience Share school experiences with you so that you are aware of his/her school life Have conversations in the car, at the dinner table, while waiting in line, etc. Practice addition, subtraction, multiplication and division facts constantly (use cards, dice, everyday numbers you see, etc.) Inform you if he/she needs additional support in any area or subject Read, Read, Read, Read, READ with your child(ren) Ask questions during the reading Make a comment about the reading Develop a love for reading and to improve literacy skills
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  • Kensico School PTA Meetings: first Thursday night at 7:30 p.m. every other month I encourage everyone to join our PTA! PTA Encourages parent involvement Promotes cooperation between the school and home Organizes events Fundraisers Supports our efforts to make your childs experience better
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  • Understanding New Levels For grades 3-8 ELA and Math, students at Levels 2 and above are on track for current graduation requirements. Students at Levels 3 and above are on track to graduate at the aspirational college-and-career-ready level. Level 4: Student excels in the Common Core Learning Standards for this grade level Level 3: Student is proficient in the Common Core Learning Standards for this grade level (on track to achieve at the aspirational college-and-career-ready level, first required for Regents Diploma purposes with the Class of 2022) Level 2: Student is partially proficient in the Common Core Learning Standards for this grade level (on track to meet current New York high school graduation requirements) Level 1: Student is well below proficient in the Common Core Learning Standards for this grade level
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  • Reading Anchor Standards A. Key Ideas and Details 1. Read closely 2. Analyzesummarize 3. Analyzedevelop B. Craft and Structure 4. Interpret 5. Text structurewords 6. Point of View/Purpose C. Integration of Knowledge and Ideas 7. Integrate and evaluate 8. Evaluate the quality 9. 2 + Analyze and Compare
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  • Writing Anchor Standards A. Text Types and Purposes 1. Write argument 2. Write informative 3. Write narrative B. Production & Distribution of Writing 4. Develop, organize, stylepurpose 5. Plan, revise, edit, rewrite 6. Technologyproduce/publish C. Research to Build and Present Knowledge 7. Research 8. Range of resources 9. Use evidence
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  • 7 Norms of Collaboration 1. Promoting a spirit of inquiry 2. Pausing 3. Paraphrasing 4. Probing for specificity 5. Putting ideas on the table 6. Paying attention to self and others 7. Presuming positive intentions
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  • Kensico School Faculty/Staff Mrs. Astrella Mrs. Baker Mrs. Pappalardo Mrs. Walter Mrs. Walker Mr. Wright Mrs. Frank Mrs. Kleinbaum Mrs. Romano Mr. Singh Ms. Ward Mrs. Williams Mrs. Adams Mrs. Della Sala Mrs. Gonzalez Mrs. Guzzo Ms. Hulsebosch Mrs. Trehy Mr. Pierce Mr. Rossi Ms. Kulers Mrs. Griffin Mrs. Palongous Mrs. Voelkel Mrs. Kincade Mrs. LaPorta Mrs. Carpentieri Mrs. Horsa Mrs. Mirwis Mr. Czerw Mr. Dooley Mrs. Doyle Mrs. Butler Dr. Letizia Mrs. Wilson Mrs. Kurlander Mrs. Branciforti Mrs. DApice Mrs. Durkan Mr. Galin Mr. Griffin Mrs. Patti Mrs. Pecora Ms. Soricelli Mrs. Thomas Mrs. Raiano Mrs. Soricelli Mrs. Garbus Mr. Castellanos Mr. Bonilla Mr. Dingle Mr. Montjoy Student Teachers Pace Cohort Teachers Kitchen Staff Bus Drivers
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  • New Additions to Kensico School Teaching, Learning and Technology Mrs. Elizabeth Kimiecik Director Mrs. Claudia Floryshak Chief Information Officer Mrs. Debbie Garbus Secretary Department of Special Education and Student Services Mr. John Salatte Director Mrs. Laura Faustini CPSE Chairperson Mrs. Tina DiBari and Ms. Julie Antonecchia Secretaries
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  • Kensico = Lighthouse
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  • Thank You for Spending Your Evening With Us Lets Have a Great Year! This PowerPoint presentation will be available on the Kensico School website.


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