Welcome to Kindergarten 2015-2016! Ready, set, learn!

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  • Welcome to Kindergarten 2015-2016! Ready, set, learn!
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  • WEBSITE INFO ENROLLMENT FORMS Keep things accurate! STUDENT INFORMATION PARENT INFORMATION Verify your address on powayusd.com FORMS CALENDAR On PUSD website Ranch Round Up and so much more! http://powayusd.com/pusdhres/ The A Team
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  • PTA and Foundation Whats the difference? What do they do? How can you help?
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  • Foundation -P.E. Teacher -Science Teacher -Computer Lab
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  • PTA School-wide programs Fun Run Fall Festival Book Fair Teacher Appreciation Week
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  • Kindergarten Birthdates Go to powayusd.com for more information! Kindergarten Child must be born between September 2, 2009 through September 1, 2010 Transitional Kindergarten (TK) 5th birthday is between September 2, 2010 to Dec 2, 2010 Choice of Kindergarten OR Transitional Kindergarten (TKP) Transitional K available as space available, first-come/first- served for 5th birthdays between June 1, 2010 to September 1, 2010
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  • What to bring to ENROLLMENT: May11 th from 2:30 7:00 pm in the MPR Enrollment for K continues from 9:30 to 3:00 in the Office beginning 5/18/15 T-K WILL HAVE A MAXIMUM OF 26 STUDENTS You must bring originals AND one copy of each of the following: BIRTH CERTIFICATE, BAPTISMAL CERTIFICATE, OR PASSPORT SHOT RECORDS STUDENTS MUST HAVE AN ORAL HEALTH SCREENING TWO PROOFS OF RESIDENCY (utility bill, mortgage statement, deed, property tax statement) address look up on the website. COMPLETE ALL PAPERWORK ESPECIALLY E-MAIL, CONTACT AND ELL INFORMATION WE MUST HAVE AT LEAST ONE LOCAL EMERGENCY CONTACT NUMBER BEFORE THE FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL.
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  • Also, you need to bring: Completed Kindergarten Enrollment Sheet see HRES website Walking Trip Permit see website Completed enrollment documents from PUSD website available after May 1st Once all completed documents are received you are considered enrolled in HRES.
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  • Kindergarten KID Days Half-day transition period in August 19th through September 25 th (7:45 11:15). Full day begins on Tuesday, September 29 th (7:45 1:45). No school on September 28th - Professional Growth Day.
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  • K.I.D. (Kindergarten Introduction Days) Schedule 7:45 11:15 a.m. Stay through lunch. ESS will provide daycare in the afternoon for a monthly rate. Space is limited sign up as soon as possible. Your child's teacher will advise you when to bring your child in for assessments during these transition days.
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  • How are classes formed? TK is placed on first come first served First 26 students that sign up for the class are placed. All other kindergarten classes are balanced with boy to girl ratio, and kindergarten readiness ratio based on parent questionnaire.
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  • A successful transition! The big day is August 19th The fun begins on August 18 th ! 4:00 Popsicle Posting Party Sponsored by PTA 5:00 Back to School Night for Kindergarten!
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  • Full Day Begins on September 29! 7:45 1:45 every day (no timebanking days. Minimum days throughout the year (conference week in November) 40 minute lunch (approximately 10:45 a.m.) 30 minute recess Bring a HEALTHY snack
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  • Pickup/Drop Off Kindergarten students should be picked up in location determined by your classroom teacher. Do NOT have your kindergarten student walk to the drop off and pick loop in front of ESS. Drop off and pick up loop in front of school for school buses, after school buses, and handicapped identified cars. Do not park, double park, or leave your car in this location.
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  • Gates Playground will open at 7:30 for grades 1 st through 5 th. ALL KINDERGARTEN STUDENTS SHOULD WAIT AT BLUE LUNCH TABLES FOR THEIR TEACHER.
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  • LUNCHTIME! Label all lunch boxes, jackets, hats, etc. with student name and room number Nut Free table is available How to pay for lunch? You can pre-pay by going online to http://powayusdnutrition.com/ or through the envelope at the office. Phone calls home when your account is overdrawn. Student lunch number is their student ID 19xxxx
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  • Poway Unified School Districts Mission: College and Career Readiness for All Students All programs address Common Core Standards TK has separate curriculum Back to School Night Thursday, 8/29 Grades 1 -2 from 5:00 to 6:00 PTA Meeting 6:00 6:30 Grades 3 5 from 6:30- to 7:30
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  • Grading System Progress Assessment Academic Behavior (not mis-behavior) 4 Working above standard 3 Working at standard independently 2 Working at standard with assistance, or works below standard independently 1 Works below standard even with assistance
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  • Miscellaneous Attendance You miss school you miss out! Website - http://powayusd.com/pusdhres/http://powayusd.com/pusdhres/ Compass Learning available to all grades Self Management Skills Just one more thing Students Identification number will be through 12 th grade. Birthdates need to be known in mmddyy
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  • How to help? Teach your child independence Go to: http://www.powayusd.com/kindergarten/kindergarten-readiness.htm Supply lists Volunteer consistently Stay in touch - trust your teacher!
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  • After school care Cori Pitts ESS cpitts@powayusd.comcpitts@powayusd.com 858-485-7310 Limited space for summer Ks in ESS Fee varies by month To enroll, pick up enrollment pack, drop completed form off to ESS Brochure and FAQs available
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  • The Principals Office Drop in the Bucket Student Treaty Think Sheet Expected Consequences Character Referral Working as a team!