Welcome to Our Class! Mr. Stumbo and Ms. Sutton

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Welcome to Our Class! Mr. Stumbo and Ms. Sutton. Out learnOut think.......Out Perform. Tribes. Each table will create a tribe name, and a tribe flag to hang from the ceiling above the table. The teacher may re-arrange tribes at any time during the year. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Second Grade

Welcome to Our Class!Mr. Stumbo and Ms. SuttonOut learnOut think.......Out Perform

TribesEach table will create a tribe name, and a tribe flag to hang from the ceiling above the table.The teacher may re-arrange tribes at any time during the year.Tribes will work as a TEAM to complete certain tasks, and will be rewarded as a team.

Weekly CompetitionTribes will be rewarded by the teacher with tally marks, for completing certain tasks. The tribe with the most tally marks on Friday will be rewarded with a special treat.

with tally marks3Your Torch Student behavior will be tracked with torch color. Poor behavior and failing to follow procedures will result in a color change. Students may reverse the color change with positive behavior. All torch colors reset to yellow daily.

Yellow TorchGreat Job!Orange TorchFirst Warning.Red TorchMust walk for 5 minutes at recess.White TorchNote Home, and walk all of recess.Black TorchStudent is sent to office to conference with the Principal.

Survivor ProceduresStudents will follow procedures in the classroom and around the school.Accelerated ReaderSurvivors will work toward an Accelerated Reader Goal each 9 Weeks. Good Survivors are sure to read books twice before taking an AR quiz. Survivors must have permission before taking an AR quiz.

Hand SignalsStudents quietly make hand signals to the teacher for the following things:BathroomAsk a questionStudent JobsTribe LeadersMessengerTelephonePaper PassingLibrary OrganizerLunch Count LightsBulletin BoardComputerGardener

Lunch OrderStudents place their stick to show if they want a Hot Lunch or Lunch From Home. One student records the lunch count and gives it to Mr. Stumbo.

SnackStudents may keep a small bottle of water at their desk, as long as they can control it. The bottle must have a lid.Students may bring a healthy snack to eat before lunch.OK Examplescrackers, cheese, fruit, Cheeze It, Fruit Roll Up, animal crackers, granola bar, pretzels, Rice Crispy Treat, cereal bars

Not OK Examplespotato chips, candy, chocolate, donuts, snack cakes, hot food, nothing to keep cold

If you forget your snack, there may be crackers or another option if available.

PencilsStudents will have sharpened pencils to use at their table. You are expected to take care of your pencil.In case of an emergency, there is a SHARPENED pencil basket and a NEEDS SHARPENED BASKET. Students may only sharpen pencils when they are asked by the teacher.


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