Welcome to Schaefer Café! Please sit at a table with one other person and get ready to learn!

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  • Welcome to Schaefer Caf!Please sit at a table with one other person and get ready to learn!

  • Welcome to Schaefer Caf Awards Day!The most delicious one day caf in the world!

  • Schaefer Caf Rules:Please place your backpack under your desk and out of the aisle ways so our wait staff can walk safely!Due to a recent strike by our bus boys, we ask that you please clean your own table and throw your trash away. Please observe all rules of civilized society (say please and thank you, chew with your mouth closed, dont throw food, etc.).

  • Getting to know each other:-Interview your partner by asking the questions on your handout and recording the answers. -Make sure that you each interview the other. Find out what makes them tick!

  • Awards Speeches:You will choose which one of you will be receiving an award and which one of you will be giving the award. Make up an award to give, being creative (and school appropriate---no innuendo!)Decide what the actual award will be (choose an object from the room or create one with the art supplies). Write your speech on the paper provided, following the outline provided. Your speech cannot be more than three minutes long!

  • For the Presenter of the Award (3 minutes max):Make appropriate introductory remarks to the audience, welcoming them to Schaefer Awards Day.

    Describe the award you are presenting and why the award exists, as well as its history (make it up!)

    Give information about the recipient of the award from your interview, building the speaker up---but dont go overboard and embarrass the recipient. Tell anecdotes about the recipient from your interview.

    Introduce the award winner by name as your last part of the speech.

  • For the Receiver of the Award (3 minutes max):Address the audience and show excitement and humility.

    Express gratitude for the gift and acknowledge the other worthy people nominated for the award.

    Give thanks and credit where deserved (be creative!), but dont just list a bunch of people to thank. Thank only a few significant people.

    Give remarks for your future plans now that you have won this award or tell a funny anecdote.

    Repeat thank-yous and end with a memorable statement.

  • Lets Eat!

  • Speech Instructions:I will draw table numbers to determine the order of speeches.Be prepared and enthusiastic! Be supportive as an audience at an awards ceremony!

  • Thank you for visiting Schaefer Caf! http://www.animationfactory.comuk

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