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Welcome to St. Theresa’s Catholic High School

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Microsoft PowerPoint - gr.8 parent night 2015.ppt [Compatibility Mode]Principal’s Welcome Administration Team
Principal Bern Tate
Our Story
St. Theresa’s has a long standing reputation in Simcoe County.
It was founded in 1958 by the Grey Sisters.
Over the years, our school has grown and changed in order to offer the best education for our students.
Opening Prayer
December • St. Theresa’s visits Catholic feeder schools • Registration packages distributed
February Grade 8 Orientation Day – Wednesday 3rd, 2016
• Follow up Classroom Visits – feeder schools • Need Help with Options – Drop In Option Form
Night Thursday February 25th 3:30 – 6:00 pm • Registration Forms are to be submitted to Student
Services by February 26th, 2016
Transition Timeline Continued
April & May Transition Meetings at Feeder Schools
June 1st 2016 (rain date June 2nd) Thunder Activity Day at Camp Marygrove
August 2016 Grade Nine Welcome Day
Diploma Requirements
30 Credits: 18 Compulsory, 12 Elective 40 Hours of Community Involvement Activities Literacy Component (Grade 10 Literacy Test/Grade 12 Literacy Course)
Courses in Grade 9 English Academic/Applied/Locally Developed
Math Academic/Applied/Locally Developed
Science Academic/Applied/Locally Developed
Phys. Ed. Open
Elective Open (Efforts will be made to give students will get first choice)
greater emphasis on theory an emphasis on independent learning. i.e.
homework & assignment completion outside of the classroom
prepare students for university and college level course in grades 11 & 12
Types of Courses
focus on the essential concepts emphasize practical applications prepare students for college and workplace courses in grades 11 & 12
locally developed courses in Math, Science, and English in grades 9 & 10
prepare students for workplace level courses in grades 11 & 12
chosen in consultation with grade 8 teacher, parents, and the St. Theresa’s Transition Team
Sample Timetable
SNC1P (applied Science) FSF1P (applied French)
PPL1O (Physical Education) AVI1O (Visual Arts)
Semester 1 Semester 2
Grade 10 Christ and Culture
Grade 11 World Religions
Social Justice
French Options
A student who takes 4 years of French will receive a certificate upon completion of their OSSD.
Students coming from an immersion program or French language school will have the option to take an enriched French course in grade 9
I CAN – Math Program Improving Confidence
and Achievement in Numeracy
· Students will participate in 75 minute training sessions, 5 times over 2 weeks Elite level coaching from certified instructors Jersey, off-ice wear (shorts and shirt) are included in the cost Insurance provided through Hockey Canada Transportation between St. Theresa’s and NSSRC Registration as a Hockey Canada Skills Academy participant State-of-the-art training aids
On Ice Training
Special Needs Program
Guidance Program Guidance program is organized into three areas of learning: student learning, interpersonal development and career development
Instruction and support will occur in a variety of settings: individual, group and classroom
All students will be assigned a guidance counsellor to assist and support them throughout high school
Student Success Student Success Team assists with a student’s
transition to high school Student Support Centre Individual Timetabling – build on their strengths in
first semester Consider substitution for compulsory credit where the
challenge of obtaining credit appears unattainable (can make up to 3 substitutions)
Learning Strategies Course (GLE10) in consultation with parents, grade 8 teacher and our transition team.
Credit Recovery Program
Peer Mentor Program
Camp Marygrove Day
June 1, 2016
Camp Marygrove Activities
House Activities at Camp Marygrove
House Riots
Specialized Programs
Specialized courses for students in numerous areas of the curriculum
Cosmetology and Hospitality
Visual Arts Gallery
Vocal Performance Group
Curling Badminton Hockey Track & Field Rowing Rugby Ball Hockey Football Nordic Skiing
Basketball Volleyball Soccer Golf Tennis Cross-Country Running Swimming Baseball Lacrosse
Thunder Athletics
Thunder Athletics
Outers Club
Outreach Club
“What’s Happening St. T’s” see our book for a complete list of activities!
Outers Club
Numerous Elective Courses
Community School
and join Remind…we will send you updates and messages!
Parent Sign Up Please fill out the survey on the Chrome Books
in the foyer before you leave this evening If your child goes to a non-feeder school (French
Separate, French Public, English Public) please be sure to take home a Registration Package.
Students at Catholic English Elementary Schools and Christian Island Elementary School will receive packages from their teachers
Thank you for you attendance this evening.
General Questions
Specific Questions about programs or your son/daughter can be answered following the
general questions by the guidance staff.
Dismissal by House Colours
Surnames: C, F, I, O, S, W
Surnames: D, E, K, L, T, X, Z Surnames: B, H, J, P, Q, Y
St. Theresa’s Catholic High School

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