Welcome to the 18th Annual Producer Conference

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Dan Johnson, VP of Sales, Marketing & Product. Welcome to the 18th Annual Producer Conference. A year in review. Supreme Court upholds PPACA. A year in review. President re - elected. A year in review. Dangling at the edge of the fiscal cliff. A year in review. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Welcome to the 18th Annual Producer ConferenceDan Johnson, VP of Sales, Marketing & ProductSupreme Court upholds PPACA

A year in reviewA year in review

President re-electedA year in reviewDangling at the edge of the fiscal cliff

A year in reviewPPACA drives healthcare choices for Corporate America.

A year in reviewMultiple insurers exit the long-term care market

A year in reviewMultiple insurers entering the voluntary worksitemarket

A year in reviewNFL replacement referees REPLACED!Green Bay Packers11-5**Seattle loss!

Three key takeawaysExperienceInnovationChangeOur hope by the end of this conference is that you walk away with three things.Our 100 years of experience matters in the market and we can be your choice of a carrier to provide client solutions and VB products.We have been innovative and changed over the years.All while sticking to our Trustmark values of Personal, Flexible and Trusted.10VBS ExperienceWhy should you and your clients care?Trustmark celebrates 100 years.

ExperienceFew companies survive to be 100Of the more than 5,000 publicly traded companies, less than 10% are 100 years or older, according to USA TodayJust 23 large private firms have reached that milestoneTrustmark turned 100 yesterday, January 13, 2013VBS InnovationInnovationPrior innovationUniversal Life & LTCEZ Value increases (Life and CI)Lump-sum Cancer & CILifeHealth & WealthReturning to our innovative rootsEnhanced Accident plansBusiness transformationVoice of the customer

We were know as an Innovator of Products and Services.We became a bit Complacent and a fast followerWe now are correcting that and you will hear more about that business transformation and listening to the VOC in the next two days.15Trustmark Mission Helping people increase well-being through better health and greater financial security.Trustmark Voluntary Benefit SolutionsFinancial protection and Promises to Pay Offering benefits forDeathLong-term careDisabilityCancer Critical IllnessAccident Preventive care We deliver checks when others bring bills to pay!So whats VBS role in that mission?We bring Checks in time of need to middle America whether its for: DeathLong-term careDisabilityCancer Critical IllnessAccident Wellness17

And we have been making promises and delivering on them since 1913.First accident policy - 1913And weve been doing just that for 100 years.Look familiar?Its really not that much different then an accident policy today.

18Communication solutions

Producers/EmployersEmployees & enrollmentprint & onlineCommunicationEngagementWellnessCDHPData cleansingDependent auditCore enrollmentCustomer Service 401(k)Healthcare reformChange

We will talk more about this the next two days.21On tap todayNext upA message from our ChairmanGrover Thomas, Trustmark Companies Chairman of the Board

Voluntary Benefit Solutions update

Alex Moral, Senior VP, Trustmark Voluntary Benefit SolutionsAccident product update

Julie Pohjola, AVP of Product ManagementGuest speaker:

Dr. Kevin FreibergGuest speaker:

Dale Alexander, Alexander & CompanyDiving into VBYou asked for it you got it!Fun, informative and rewarding breakout sessions100 years of experienceEnrollment technologyBest practicesLifeHealth & WealthUniversal LifeCritical IllnessAccidentDisability

You asked for it in last years survey.Well make it fun.Rewards will be handed out to the lucky 10 who attend all eight 10-minute sessions and complete a quick two-question quiz at the end of each session.28What do we hope you gain?A home for your voluntary benefit and wellness solutions!Client communication and engagement solutions.Reaffirming your choice in Trustmark.

Some of you are looking for a Home for your Voluntary Benefits & Solutions in the Market.Some in the room made Trustmark that choice many years ago.Seek these people out and ask them why?29Finally that we at VBS have the:Experience in this VB market to serve you and your clients.Innovation that we will continue to bring innovative solutions.Change is good. We continue our business transformation process. Joe GaudinoFrank ShimskyRon KleimanCliff PorchJim & Patty WardJohn GrayCharlie StepnowskiMike StepnowskiDave MaddoxTommy SuggsRick CassJim DavidsonLinda ElliottGinger PanepintoAsk these people: Why?John KeenanJim KreigLets get started!