Welcome to the Space Race. Where you learn but have FUN!!!!

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  • Welcome to the SpaceRace.Where you learn but have FUN!!!!

  • Round 1

  • Who was the first man on the Moon?a. Buzz Aldrin

    b. Yuri Gagarin

    c. Neil Armstrong

    Neil Armstrong

  • Which planet was reclassified as a dwarf planet?a. Neptune

    b. Pluto

    c. Jupiter


  • Who was the first dog in space?a. Liaka

    b. Bernie

    c. Cookie


  • Which is the 5th planet from the sun?a. Mars

    b. Jupiter

    c. Saturn


  • What was the first rocket to go in to space?a. German V2

    b. Belgium X3

    c. German V12

    The German V2

  • Round 2

  • Who was the first British person to go to space?Taylor Swift

    Jessie .J

    Helen Sharman

    Helen Sharman

  • Which of these is a moon of Mercury?a. Chiron

    b. The Moon

    c. None of the above

    None of the above

  • Who was the Albert 2?a. a monkey who went up to space

    b. a dog who went up to space

    c. a squirrel who went up to space

    A monkey who went up to space.

  • What was the first satellite in space?a. Spunik 1

    b. Eagle

    c. Cockroach

    Spunik 1

  • Olympus Mons is a large volcanic mountain on which planet? a. Mars

    b. Neptune

    c. Saturn


  • Round 3Could you tell who the men are.

  • WELL DONE, EVERYONE!You all did well and hope you guys had a great time completing our quiz!