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Welcometo Straight Talk Alert 2009

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Curious about how Straight Talk Alert works? This presentation walks you through what types of materials we provide and shows you how to access them each month!

Text of Welcometo Straight Talk Alert 2009

  • Straight Talk AlertWhat will this resource do for me? Ever wish you had more staff to handle the work?Your time is a critical and VALUABLE resource, split between newsletters, civic responsibilities, strategy development and more.

  • Straight Talk AlertA Powerful Communications ResourceFeatures: Topical Feature Stories for Statewide Magazines CRN Consumer Product Reviews for Statewide Magazines Leadership Columns and Editorial Pieces Energy Efficiency Articles Technology Articles Safety Articles Informative Graphics and Supporting Illustrationsand more!

  • Straight Talk AlertFeatures for Statewide MagazinesTopical feature stories for statewide magazines are available each month, generally 1,000-1,500 words with graphics/photographs.

  • Straight Talk AlertCRN Consumer Product Reviews for Statewide MagazinesArticles explore a different energy efficient consumer product each month and are provided by the Cooperative Research Network.

    Contact your statewide editor to discuss using these or feature stories in your own co-op publications.

  • Straight Talk AlertLeadership Columns and Editorial PiecesTwo editorials are available each month, both related to the months theme (generally 300 words). One focuses primarily on how Our Energy, Our Future supports the theme.

    In addition to these editorials, as specific issues develop the Straight Talk Team provides letters to the editor, special editorials and news stories.

  • Straight Talk AlertEnergy Efficiency ArticlesEnergy Efficiency Article 300-500 words Touches on ways to save energy in the home, how to finance efficiency measures and more. Graphics and/or images accompany article. One article and a tip are available each month, and the archives are full of helpful stories from the last two years!Energy Efficiency Tip 40 words, Available as jpeg, Photoshop, and text filesTwitter-ready versions (140 characters or less) are also included

  • Straight Talk AlertTechnology ArticlesRecent Topics Include: June | Get Smart! The Potential of Smart Homes July | Efficiency in Building Construction and Design August | Waste Not, Want Not/Basics of Nuclear Reprocessing September | Waste Heat: More Than Just Hot Air October | Innovation Along Co-op Lines One article with graphics and/or photographs is available each month, and the archives are full of helpful stories!

  • Straight Talk AlertSafety ArticlesRecent Topics Include: May | Electrical Safety Month June | Using Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs Safely July | Protect Yourself From Lightning August | Preparation Key for Home Fire Safety September | Danger of Attaching Signs to Utility Poles October | Protect Children and Pets from Electrical Hazards Freelancer Christine Grammes writes monthly safety articles (300-500 words) with photographs provided. The archives are full of helpful stories from the last two years.

  • Straight Talk AlertInformative Graphics and Supporting IllustrationsEach month charts, graphics and/or maps related to the content are provided. They can be used with the content or on their own.


  • Straight Talk AlertSupporting a Unified National VoiceSpecial Communication Efforts:

    Our Energy, Our Future Monthly editorial, Short Article/ArtworkSaving with the Stimulus Articles, Print Ads, Flyers, Call Center Script, Presentation Slides

  • Straight Talk Alert Get connected!How can you find this great content?

  • Straight Talk AlertGet Connected!Login to If you dont have a password, check with your co-ops Human Resources DepartmentOnce there, go to Interest Areas at the top right of the screen and select Communications.

  • Straight Talk AlertGet Connected!Of course, the shortcut also works!In the Communications area there are two ways to get to Straight Talk: - Select from left bar - Select from In This Section

  • Straight Talk Alert Get Connected!Youll reach the Straight Talk landing page with links to the monthly content (Straight Talk Alert) and special content like: - Saving with the Stimulus - Inside Climate Change

    For the latest Straight Talk Alert materials click Current Content.

  • Straight Talk AlertGet Connected!Each month youll see your editorials, energy efficiency articles, safety articles and more.

    You can see thumbnails of pictures for each story by clicking on View related images.You can easily download the images and the story in one zipped file.

  • Straight Talk AlertGet Connected!Dont forget our archives! The categories are on the right.

  • Straight Talk Alert Get connected!How can you find out about new content?

  • Straight Talk AlertGet Connected!On the Straight Talk home page, there is a link for Statewide or Distribution Updates. Click your co-op category, then select Join on the next screen.An e-mail will be sent to you the first week of every month listing the latest Straight Talk Alert materials.

  • Straight Talk Alert Get Connected!You can also find out what the Straight Talk Team is working onand give us your feedback!by following us on Twitter at:

  • Other Resources Get Connected!Want to stay in touch with co-op news?

  • Other Resources Communicators ListservThe Communicators Listserv provides a forum where professional communicators can keep in touch, share ideas and discuss issues with each other. To join, go to:

    Find the Communicators Listserv, and click Open Listserv. A box will pop up. Verify your email address and click Join:

  • Other ResourcesRE MagazineRE Magazine focuses on national cooperative issues. Be sure to send in employee news (New directors/CEO, etc) for the Co-op People section ([email protected]), and check out the Home Page section, which highlights ways NRECA is serving members. Online archives at

  • Other ResourcesElectric Co-op TODAYElectric Co-op TODAY is a website focusing on national cooperative issues and highlighting co-op community efforts. www.ECT.Coop

    Make sure they know what youre up to! Send press releases and pictures from community events to:[email protected]

  • Other ResourcesMarketing & Communications Community NewsletterYou automatically receive the newsletter based on your title in NRECAs system; it goes out the fourth Thursday of the month. Dont receive this? Your title might need to be adjusted in our system. Contact: [email protected]

  • Other ResourcesUse or Usage: An Electric Cooperative Guide to StyleUse or Usage: An Electric Cooperative Guide to Style provides definitions for electric cooperative and utility terms, along with proper spellings and abbreviations. It was created by member publications of the Statewide Editors Association in conjunction with RE Magazine and Straight Talk Alert. Details on

  • Other Resources Local LightsLocal Lightsthe sequel to The Next Greatest Thingcelebrates the 75th anniversary of the REAs creation.

    Using more than 200 memorable photographs from the last 25 years, the hard-cover coffee table book captures the enduring values and core beliefs of electric cooperativescooperation, community, unity, leadership and education, stewardship, outreach and innovation. Local Lights Book $45.99 Orders for 25-99 books = 5% Discount Orders for 100+ books = 10% DiscountDetails at

  • Scott Gates Consumer Communications & Advocacy Advisor703-907-6733 [email protected] McKoy, CCCConsumer Communications & Advocacy [email protected] Stambaugh Director & Editor, RE Magazine 703-907-5712 [email protected] Questions, comments or ideas? Contact us any time the more feedback you provide, the stronger the content!

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