What are you gonna do… After Medical School?. Dr. Percival “Perry” Ulysses Cox

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  • What are you gonna doAfter Medical School?

  • Dr. Percival Perry Ulysses Cox

  • I graduated!!!!!WTF am I going to do now!!?

  • Decisions Decisions?!Medical:ClinicalNon-ClinicalOther:

  • Medicine

  • But why?Too many doctorsBurnout

    Other PassionsEtchttp://careers.bmj.com/careers/advice/view-article.html?id=20007002http://commonhealth.wbur.org/2013/10/why-i-left-medicine-a-burnt-out-doctors-decision-to-quit

  • So what so sort of options have you actually got?;Abroad?Armed Forces?Aid Work?Drugs Industry?Management?The City?Medical Journalism?Law?Consulting?Expeditions?

  • AbroadJob OffersTraining


  • Armed Forces

  • Aid WorkMedecins San FrontieresVoluntary Service OverseasRoyal College of Surgeonswww.msf.org.ukwww.vso.org.uk

  • Drugs IndustryClinical ResearchMedical AffairsDrug SafetyRisk Management for drugs and equipmentCan lead to Public Affairs, health policy, health economics, regulatory affairswww.talentmark.comwww.onlymedics.co.uk

  • ManagementGraduate Management ProgrammesConsultancywww.nhsleadtheway.co.uk

  • The CityGraduate opportunitiesGoldman SachsMorgan StanleyDeloitte

  • Medical JournalismCombination is BestGuild of Health WritersMedical Journal AssociationCan take a BA in medical Journalismwww.healthwriters.comwww.mja-uk.org

  • Law2 year Fast Track law degree.1 full time or 2 year part time common professional examination/graduate diploma in lawPolitics?www.lawcareers.netwww.lawsociety.org.ukwww.coronersociety.org.uk


  • Consultinghttp://scrubs.wikia.com/wiki/Jonathan_Dorishttps://www.medpharmjobs.com/medical-english/landing

  • Expeditionshttp://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-456455/Ewan-forced-doctor-dangerous-journey-bandit-country.htmlhttp://www.antarctica.gov.au/jobs/jobs-in-antarctica/antarctic-medical-practitioners/antarctic-medical-practitioner

    So I wanted to take it easy on you guys with my presentation. Something fun, and nothing too intellectually draining I promise. That being said I think its a topic thats relevant to all of us here and also I knock out 2 birds with one stone as I show you guys presentations arent all that scary (or time consuming).*


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