What do we mean by adaptable?. How do we need to be adaptable at school?

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  • What do we mean by adaptable?
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  • How do we need to be adaptable at school?
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  • This is what the teachers think adaptability is Be able to cope with unfamiliar situations. Be able to suggest and explore new roles, ideas, and strategies. Be able to be at ease with themselves in a different situations.
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  • This story gave advice to help the young fish have a happy life.
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  • What do our school rules mean to you? Our school rules are advice on how to make our school a better place. How do they help you with good choices?
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  • Golden Rules In Frogwell Primary School we: Are kind and gentle to everyone. Try our best in all we do. Are resilient we never give. Look after the school and the things around us. Do as we have been asked, first time. Are honest and truthful. Make good choices. Listen to others with our eyes and our ears.
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  • In class assemblies. Discuss what our school rules mean to you How will you adapt your behaviour to make our rules work for you and your class?
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  • Help us to see where changes need to be made. Help us to change ourselves so we can make the school an even better place. Amen
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