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<ul><li><p>8/4/2019 What if I Want to Be a Better Boss</p><p> 1/2</p><p>What If I Want To Be A Better Boss?</p><p>Being a good boss today is harder than everand more important. Here are things every business owner</p><p>can do to become the kind of boss they need to be.</p><p> I will always do what I tell my employees I am going to do.</p><p> I will not use common sense I will use imagination.</p><p> I will forget about the past, not think about the future and focus the present.</p><p> I will always show my employees respect when I communicate with them.</p><p> I have to help the people around me become more productive.</p><p> I will make myself seen in the workplace.</p><p> I will be positive and always tell the truth.</p><p> I will accept the limitations of my employees.</p><p> I will not let a client or customer be rude to an employee.</p><p> I will hire for character and train for skill.</p><p> I will never compromise integrity.</p><p> I will make sure that my employees know the role they play.</p><p> I will not be indifferent.</p><p> I will respect my employees private space.</p><p> I will treat my employees like a team not just like staff.</p><p> I need to make a life as well as a living.</p><p> I will take responsibility for my mistakes.</p><p> I will always make my employees futures better than their pasts</p><p>Business Advisors, LLC</p><p>David K Seems, Managing Partner, Stanford Place II, 7979 E. Tufts Ave., Suite 900A, Denver, CO 80237, Phone:</p><p>303.708.8774 Fax: 866.609.9083.</p><p>Gail L. Reeves, Marketing Consultant, Stanford Place II, 7979 E. Tufts Ave., Suite 900A,</p><p>Denver, CO 80237, Phone: 303.708.8774 Fax: 866.609.9083.</p><p>Phone: 303-708-8774,www.BusinessAdvisorsLLC.net,info@businessadvisorsllc.net</p><p>David K. Seems is licensed in CO, NM, WY, MT, AZ, CA, GA, IL, MI, MN, MO, NV, OK, OR, and TX to offer</p><p>insurance products, life insurance (including variable life), and annuities (including variable annuities), and is</p><p>securities registered in AZ, CO, MN, NM, and WY and adviser registered in CO.</p><p>This site is not a solicitation of interest in any of these products in any other state.</p><p>IMPORTANT CONSUMER INFORMATION: David K. Seems may only transact business in a particular state</p><p>after licensure or satisfying qualifications requirements of that state, or only if he is excluded or exempted from the</p><p>state's registration requirements. Follow-up, individualized responses to consumers in a particular state by David K.</p><p>Seems that involve either the effecting or attempting to effect transactions in securities or the rendering of</p><p>personalized investment advice for compensation, as the case may be, shall not be made without first complyingwith the state's requirements, or pursuant to an applicable state exemption or exclusion. For information concerning</p>http://www.businessadvisorsllc.net/http://www.businessadvisorsllc.net/http://www.businessadvisorsllc.net/mailto:info@businessadvisorsllc.netmailto:info@businessadvisorsllc.netmailto:info@businessadvisorsllc.netmailto:info@businessadvisorsllc.nethttp://www.businessadvisorsllc.net/</li><li><p>8/4/2019 What if I Want to Be a Better Boss</p><p> 2/2</p><p>the licensure status or disciplinary history of a broker-dealer, investment adviser, BD agent or IA representative or</p><p>any financial institution he represents, contact your state securities law administrator.</p><p>Insurance products from the Principal Financial Group are issued by Principal National Life Insurance Company</p><p>(except in New York), Principal Life Insurance Company and the companies available through the PreferredProduct Network, Inc. Securities and advisory products offered through Princor Financial ServicesCorporation, 800-247-1737, member SIPC. Principal National, Principal Life, the Preferred Product</p><p>Network and Princor are members of the Principal Financial Group, Des Moines, IA 50392. David KSeems, Principal National and Principal Life Financial Representative, Princor Registered</p><p>Representative, Financial Advisor. Business Advisors, LLC is not an affiliate of any company of thePrincipal Financial Group.</p><p>Principal Life maintains certificates of authority to transact insurance in all 50 states. Principal Life NAICidentification number is 61271. Principal National NAIC identification number is 71161.</p><p>Privacy Policy</p>http://www.businessadvisorsllc.net/privacy.cfmhttp://www.businessadvisorsllc.net/privacy.cfmhttp://www.businessadvisorsllc.net/privacy.cfm</li></ul>