What is 2D Barcode ? Various standard of 2D Barcode 2D Barcode Application

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Text of What is 2D Barcode ? Various standard of 2D Barcode 2D Barcode Application

  • What is 2D Barcode ?Various standard of 2D Barcode2D Barcode Application

  • 1D Barcode2D Barcode

  • PDF417Data MatrixQR CodeInterCodeQuickMarkMicrosoft Tag (High Capacity Color Barcode)

  • Developed by Symbol TechnologiesMostly used in Logistics Industry, Transportation, and Inventory

  • Developed by Denso-Wave Corp., Japan 1994Originally for logistics applicationsApprox. 75% of all mobile phones in Japan will pre-installed with barcode reader programEstablished as an ISO (ISO/IEC18004)Store up to 7,089 alphanumeric characters

  • From RVSI Acuity CiMatrix/Siemens. Public domain. Increasingly used throughout the United States.Like QR-Code also ISO-standardRequires approx. 37% less area than QR Code for the same dataStore up to 2,335 alphanumeric characters

  • South Korea-standard 2D BarcodeAll phones in Korea will have the Intercode reader as a default barcode readerDesign for low resolution, low computing power camera phones

  • Developed by Microsoft Microsoft Tag (High Capacity Color Barcode)Approx. 3,500 characters per square inchInternet-capable devices requiredMicrosoft Server Redirection required

  • 1) Starting Barcode Reader software on mobile phone2) Directing the camera over the 2D Barcode3) Application decodes automatically4) Save data or follow the URL, link

  • KAYWA ReaderNokia Readeri-Nigma ReaderActive PrintUpCodeQuickMarkSnapMazeBeeTaggNeoReaderScanLifeTagReader

  • Phone-to-InternetPhone-to-InfoPhone-to-Reader

  • ServicesBusiness Cards (vCard), Simple Text, Phone Numbers, Calendar EntryCode LocationBusiness Card, Products Package, Event Poster, etc.

  • ServicesContent Download, Web Information, URLsCode LocationNewspaper, Magazine, Promotion Materials, Web Page or TV

  • ServicesMobile Ticketing for Movies, Concert, etc.Code LocationMovie Poster, Newspaper, Magazine, Promotion Materials, Web Page or TV

  • ServicesSpecial Coupon, Discount, Sell/Buy ProductsCode LocationMagazine, Pay Slip, Banner, Poster, Product Package

  • ServicesPerson/Code IdentificationCode Location2D Barcode on Mobile Phone or Printed Material

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