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What is Subtitle player Subtitle player is a plugin for ... · PDF fileWhat is Subtitle player Subtitle player is a plugin for Enigma2 based satellite receivers (Vu+, Ipbox, Dreambox,

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Text of What is Subtitle player Subtitle player is a plugin for ... · PDF fileWhat is Subtitle player...

  • What is Subtitle playerSubtitle player is a plugin for Enigma2 based satellite receivers (Vu+, Ipbox, Dreambox, Kathrein, Topfield...) featuring:

    Imdb plugin - you can use plugin to get all kind of information's about the movie, on original language or translated with Google Translate. Also, it translates movie titles from various languages if possible (for example if you search EPG of German, Polish, Dutch provider you will get original movie title and info about the movie on English). Advantage of this plugin comparing to original IMDB plugin is

    - speed (it's a lot faster because it has direct access to the epg of current channel)- has an option to manually specify search terms- enables translation of results to other languages

    Subtitle downloader - downloads subtitles from internet and translates movies and series titles over epg or manual.Subtitles are downloaded from next databases- Perfectsat dtc base(only dtc)

    Subtitle player featuring subtitle display in the movies or series without conversion. Something like Drtic but with more options. Movies can be subtitled regardless if you're watching them live or as a recording.---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------PLUGIN SETUP

    Run plugin and then start adjust the basic settings

  • Push the yellow button (settings)

    Setup as you like - this is mine configuration

    Download subtitle server------> Setup server for download (use LEFT/RIGHT buttons)Set Subtitle Languages -----------------> Adjust yours language(s)Choose font -----------------------> use LEFT/RIGHT buttons to choose which type of font you want to use for the subtitles (you can add your font in font folder)Enter the font size -----------> Set size of subtitle fontFont Color --------------------------> Here adjusts color of subtitleBackground ---------------------------> Here set type of tape on the background behind the subtitlesSave settings --------------------> Here adjust do you want to save on exit

    Next step is to setup a subtitle folder - in my case usb/media/Titlovi (you can use HDD, USB, CF or leave default as it is).Use Blue button for setup, go up with and then go to your folder and it will stay as default

  • Still remaines to adjust the subtitle position on screen Yellow button ---> Change Subtitle Position

    And then move with up and down buttons as you like ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


    So news is that the plugin now goes directly to the EPG and some procedures has been shortened compared with the previous version.

    So start the plugin and go on movie from which you want get IMDB data.

  • press OK

    If we want the same text translated into your language just click OK once again and the translation is here:

    This is an option that uses EPG but there is also option for manual input of text or modification of EPG text.

  • Manual input of text

    So on the first screen of plugin, press the TXT (teletext) button

    and a textbox opens for data entry. Input your text using remote control buttons as you type sms mesage..

    Or if you want to use the virtual keyboard, press the blue button

  • and press OK and the results are there

    and it is only needed to pres OK on right result

  • Modification of EPG text

    There is another option and that is to edit an existing EPG data, which we took directly from channels.

    Now press the Info or EPG button (depends of type of box)

  • Now use left/right buttons to go to part that you want too edit and use the Mute button for deleting parts that is bothers.

    and then press the OK button and the movie is here


    So now we get information from IMDB and have it on the bottom of the screenOriginal Title: Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaursthe green button Download has appeared to us

    Then we go ---> green button and opens to us a list of subtitles to download

    In the list always choose subtitles with more stars because they are well judged and select subtitles which contains FPS because plugin automatically convert subtitle to the right FPS (of course everything will be ok if data with subtitle is right)

  • Press OK and the subtitles will be loaded and run

    If you exit on the main screen you will see now on the right sidePrepaired subtitles: Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs ...

    Now you can start subtitles again again with the blue button (Run subtitle)

    If the subtitle does not follow the dialogue it is necessary to change the speed of a FPS - for this use

  • a 0 button

    Example:If subtitle is late then accelerateit with the shifting to FPS 23.976If the subtitle faster then slow down it by shifting to 25 FPS, and click OK (yust click OK in position 25)If this option is not helping that there is an option to manually Speed up or slow down subtitles:Button 1 gives the acceleration of the complete subtitles (in steps per 5ms)Button 4 is also accelerate but in steps for a -25msButton 3 slowdown subtitles (in steps per 5ms)Button 6 also to slow in steps for 25msIf you are not started to watch a movie from the beginning use a key 5 to move the subtitles, Plugin uses EPG to calculate time and opens lines with subtitles so that it easier to find rigt line of text, when you find it yust click OK 2x.

  • So when the plugin subtitle player mode you have the following keys with following functions

    Left button ---- previous line of subtitles Right button ---- next line of subtitles Ok button-------- skips to the next line of subtitleUp button ---- 10 subtitle lines backDown button ---- 10 lines subtitle forward

    Button 0 - Selection FPS

    Button 1 gives the acceleration of the complete subtitles (in degrees per 5ms)

    Button 4 is also accelerate but in steps for a -25ms

    Button 3 slowdown subtitles (in steps per 5ms)

    Button 6 also to slow in steps for 25ms

    Button 5 - Calculates time of subtitle using EPG and jumps near that time calculation

    Button 7 - jump right on the line subtitle from which you came out (if you're quit watching a recorded movie next time when start subtitle just press 7 and you are in the same position)

    Button 9 - calculates time that has passed and jumps using that calculation (when you watching live movie and if you come out of subtitle)

    Yellow button - Pauses the subtitle (starts up again with 2x OK)

    Info button (on some EPG) - provides information of Subtitle and film as shown below

    The file manager has been upgraded (the red button on the start screen of plugin)

  • Now just mark the subtitles that you want to delete and press red button

    If you want to load some subtitles use blue button (Run title)

    Many thanks to- DDamir who make this wonderfuel plugin- Shax for providing support and his part of job concern IMDB part- Krkadoni team for Beta testing

    Dowload and support

    Tutorial by Zupy

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