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WHAT IS THE HORUS HERESY? - Warhammer World · The Horus Heresy is a story from the distant past of the Warhammer 40,000 universe - a galactic civil war that

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  • Throne of Skulls is a non-competitive gaming event for anyone who wants to play fun games set during this age

    of darkness and treachery. This event features a relaxed atmosphere where players can focus less on winning

    games and more on rolling dice, killing Space Marines and enjoying themselves. All the awards are based on

    sportsmanship, painting, gentlemanly conduct and having a good old laugh with like minded people. If that

    sounds like something you would like to take part in, then read on.

    WHAT IS THE HORUS HERESY? The Horus Heresy is a story from the distant past of the Warhammer 40,000 universe - a galactic civil war that

    ended in the creation of the Imperium as we know it today. It was a time of legend, betrayal and strife and makes

    an ideal battleground for our games. At its most basic, this means we use a special series of supplements

    produced by Forge World designed to let you re-create these battles.

    Event Essentials Date: 19th-20th August

    System: Warhammer 40,000 - Horus Heresy - The Age of


    Points Value: 2,000-3,000 points (read more on this under

    the Army Size section!)

    Number of games: 5

    Army Selection: Use the rules presented for your army in the

    appropriate Horus Heresy publication. See below under

    Army Size for further details.

    Scenarios in use: Randomly rolled Age of Darkness

    Scenarios with randomly rolled deployments each round

    Propaganda Machine: *see Assault on Angelus Minor the

    battle begins later in the pack.

    Publications in use: All Horus Heresy publications from

    Forge World, including all campaign books, experimental

    rules and event programmes.

    Additional: All miniatures in your collection must be Games Workshop Miniatures and be fully assembled, painted and

    based. Each model must fully represent, in full, what you have presented on your army list. All miniatures in

    your collection must be produced by Games Workshop and be fully assembled, painted and based. Each model

    must fully represent what you have presented on your army lists.



  • *ASSAULT ON ANGELUS MINOR: The Battle Begins....

    As the forces landed on Angelus Minor and battle begun the forces were joined by members of the Imperial and

    Traitors propaganda machine. These are limited in number but are crucial to keeping a populace compliant and

    so must be kept alive at all cost! This model is free to include in your force and takes up no slot on the Force

    Organisation Chart, but acts like any normal Independent Character would during the game. You can build this

    model however youd like to match your army or as a complete stand alone model, we will be adding a special

    Painting competition on Saturday evening for the best Iterator or Diabolist model.

    Additional Secondary Objective: The Propaganda Machine. This Secondary objective is added on to all five

    games played over this weekend, this Objective is Scored as follows: If your Iterator or Diabolist is killed during

    the game he is worth 5Vps to the opponent but if your Iterator or Diabolist is Alive at the end of the game he is

    worth 10Vps to the owning player.

    Iterator/Diabolist WS3 BS1 S3 T3 I2 W2 A1 LD 7

    Equipment: Light protective gear 5+ save, Knife (S as user AP -)

    Iterator: once per game The Imperial Truth the Iterator and any unit it is joined by can re-roll a single failed

    Fear, Break Strength or Toughness test in one turn of the game declaring its use after the model/unit fails its

    relevant test.

    Diabolist: once per game The Corruption Flows the Diabolist and any unit it is joined by can re-roll a single

    failed Fear, Break Strength or Toughness test in one turn of the game declaring its use after the model/unit fails

    its relevant test.

    This Model is required to be included into every army taking part in The Horus Heresy Throne

    of Skulls Assault on Angelus Minor and is a great opportunity to show off your modelling and

    painting skills, the model should be suitably based on a 25mm or 32mm round base as



    SATURDAY 19th AUGUST 9:00am Bugmans Bar opens and Registration begins,

    Why not treat yourself to a legendary breakfast.

    10:00am Welcome and Event Briefing

    10:30am13:00pm Game 1

    13:00pm14:00pm Lunch and Legends painting

    competitions : Primarch, Hero, Artefact and Company of


    14:00pm16:30pm Game 2

    16:30pm17:00pm Break

    17:00pm19:30pm Game 3

    19:30pm Propaganda Machine Painting competition

    8:00pm Warhammer World closes

    SUNDAY 20th AUGUST 10:00am Warhammer World opens.

    10:30am1pm Game 4

    1pm2pm Lunch and Best Army Competition

    2pm4:30pm Game 5

    4:30pm5pm Break

    5:00pm Award Ceremony and Event closes

    6:00pm Warhammer World closes


    At registration we will ask you if your army is fully painted and based. If it isnt dont panic! We will do our

    best to give you the time and space you need to get your models finished before your first game. As we dont

    allow anyone to play with unpainted or unbased models, but we understand that life gets in the way some-

    times, we will do our best to help you get them up to standard. If you have a model which is unfinished, then

    we politely ask you to remove it from the table, as we are obliged to protect the experience of every

    attendant - we all want to play against fully painted armies, and this event is designed to give everyone the

    opportunity to do just that!

    WEEKEND GAMES The weekend will consist of five games of Age of Darkness, each of which, you will have two and a half hours

    to play that round.

    Games will be played on a 6x4 board and you will be matched against a random player to play against (in the

    unlikely event of a repeat match up please let a member of staff know as quickly as possible so that we can sort

    out a replacement player for you where possible).

    Each game will be played using the Age of Darkness Missions found in Horus Heresy: Legiones Astartes: Age

    of Darkness Army List book.

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    FAVOURITE GAME VOTES Favourite Game Votes are simple - just pick the game you enjoyed the most at the event. Its a great way to

    acknowledge a really fun game, opponents with whom you had a great rapport, or maybe it was just that their

    army looked fantastic. Votes are taken at the end of the day with the results of your final game, so please show

    your appreciation of your favourite opponent.

    The player with the Highest number of Favourite game votes at the end of the Weekend will be crowned the

    Assault on Angelus Minor Champion!


    Throne of Skulls is one of Warhammer Worlds best entry-level events. Throne of Skulls allows you to come

    along and take part in an organised play event (note: Throne of Skulls is really not a tournament!) without any

    pressure to win your games or squeeze the most out of every unit. Horus Heresy games tend to be played at

    bigger points values, but not everyone has 3,000 points ready to go, so we use a Flex system in order to make

    sure that everyone gets to play a decent sized game, while allowing anyone who wants to get into the Horus

    Heresy the opportunity to do so.

    The Flex System: At this event, the minimum size army you should bring is 2,000 points, but, if you happen to

    have more than that, bring it along and if your opponents are up for it, you can play a larger game of up to 3,000

    points. In general, you should expect to play 2,000 point games, and anything larger than that is a bonus. A good

    idea is to write a separate army list at 2,000, 2,500 and 3,000 points. That will allow you to easily flex your

    choices between games to suit your game. Also, there are lots of exciting extras like Relics, Force Organisation

    Charts, Fortifications and legendary characters available to players that are specific to the Horus Heresy. These

    are found across the various publications from Forge World and all of them are fine to use at our event! If you

    see something and you are not sure then just give us a call on 0115 900 4994 and ask - we are more than happy

    to help.

    Multiple army lists are allowed! Please be aware that we dont expect you to stick to the same army all weekend.

    You are more than welcome to bring a variety of armies and units and change between games. The only

    stipulation is that you stick to the points values set down in each game

  • LEGENDS PAINTING COMPETITIONS Legends gives you the chance to show off your skills with single models and units rather than with whole

    armies. Simply enter the relevant category when its open; once all the entries are in, we will ask all the players

    to vote for their favourites. The player that earns the most votes in each category will earn the relevant award at

    the Award Ceremony. (Please note: only miniatures from your Horus Heresy Throne of Skulls forces may be

    entered into this competition). Primarch of Legend: All Primarch Models, Hero of Legend: All types of Infantry,

    Cavalry, Bikes and Jetbikes. Propaganda Machine of Legend. Artefact of Legend: Any unit not covered by either

    of the other categories. Company of Legend: Any unit of five or less Infantry or cavalry on 40mm bases or

    smaller, or three or less Cavalry, Bikes, Jetbikes or Infantry on 50mm bases or larger.


    Its an honour for any player to have their army nominated for the Best Army competition. Make sure you show

    your appreciation by voting for your favourite collection from those selected during Sunday lunch time. The

    player who receives the most number of votes will receive the Best Army award. The Events Team will select

    the majority of best armies on Saturday so make sure to have your best on display!

    To qualify for a Best Army nomination you must have constructed and painted the army yourself.

    THE AWARD CEREMONY At the end of the weekend, its time to reward the achievements of some of the players. We will be awarding the

    Legends Competition Winners for:

    Primarch of Legend

    Hero of Legend

    Artefact of Legend

    Company of Legend

    Propaganda Machine of Legend

    Along with the Best Army Award and the Assault on Angelus Minor Champion Award.


    Here at Warhammer World we have a set standard for all our gaming events that all models (including arms

    legs, parts and so on the whole model!) in your army are 100% Games Workshop, and that they are all fully

    painted and based. There are no exceptions to these rules!


    Your ticket to this event covers entry for you to the Horus heresy Throne of Skulls Assault on Angelus Minor.

    At the heart of the event are five games of Warhammer 40,000 These Five games will see you play against like

    minded players. There are lots of fun things to aim for, from painting competitions to gaming awards.

    Its definitely all to play for! Finally, you will be served a tasty hot lunch on Saturday and Sunday


    We often get asked if conversions and proxies are allowed at our events. The answer is yes but we need to

    check them first. Not every conversion or proxy is suitable for organised play, or for Warhammer World. For

    example, there is a

    difference between a Dreadnought Drop Pod, a Legion Drop Pod and a Dreadclaw Drop Pod and we would

    expect any player to use the correct one in any army they bring, for the sake of clarity and to prevent any

    confusion on the part of their opponent. If you are in any way unsure, consult our handy

    flowchart below: Are you planning to use conversions or proxies of any kind (aka. anything other than the

    stock model)?

    YES! Contact us at 0115 900 4994 or email us at [email protected]

    NO! Carry on - nothing to worry about except getting it painted on time CODE OF CONDUCT Here at Warhammer World we expect everyone to use fully painted and assembled models and to treat

    everyone they encounter with civility and respect. This is just as true during your games - especially at a

    Throne of Skulls where the objective is not to smash your opponents to a pulp every game but instead to enjoy

    a great game and spend time with quality, like-minded people. Bringing a so called cheesy combo, blatant rules

    abuses and super mega kill-my-opponent-in-one turn armies are actively discouraged. I wouldn't recommend

    bringing them as they wont help in your quest for glory and your games will more than likely be over very

    quickly! While we try not to have comps or restrictions at any of our events, some people always turn up to

    smash people and while this is

    absolutely fine way to play the game, its more suited to Grand Tournaments or other competitive events where

    winning really matters and affects the end result of the game.

    CONTACT US If you want to ask us questions, discuss the models you wish to bring, or want to find out more about Campaign

    Weekends, please feel free to get in touch with us:

    Phone: 0115 900 4994

    Email: [email protected]

    Post: Warhammer World Events Team Games Workshop Willow Road Lenton Nottingham England NG7 2WS

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