What Not To Do When Purchasing A Used Car

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  • What Not To Do When Purchasing A Used Car

    As the recession continues to act like a vice towards the average persons disposable income,most people are looking to save money wherever they can. This has lead to a surge in thepopularity of used cars compared to their new alternatives.

    Unfortunately however, while purchasing a used car can be a great way to save some cash,such savings are by no means guaranteed. In fact there are many potential mistakes thatotherwise savvy shoppers can make that are more than capable of turning a used car from asmart investment into a terrible one. Here are five things that you should never do whenpurchasing a used car.

    Judge a Car By Its Appearance

    Unless you happen to be a robot, its pretty difficult not to be impressed by a used car thatlooks all shiny and new. Sellers are aware of this fact however, this is why only the most foolishinvite buyers to view a dirty car. Always remember that looks can be incredibly deceiving when itcomes to used cars. When you view a car that looks brand new, its appearance tells you that itruns well enough to make it to the car wash and back. It tells you nothing else.

    Judge an Owner By His/Her Appearance

    Though most people selling used cars are honest, some of them would happily sell you the skyif they thought that you would buy it. Therefore clever used car buyers take everything that theyare told with a grain of salt. Its very easy to let your guard down however when the sellershows up in a shiny suit and an honest looking smile. Again, keep in mind that appearances canbe deceiving. If you judge sellers according to how they look, you are just asking for trouble.Clever thieves dont look like thieves.

    Fall in Love

    If you view enough used cars, you are eventually going to find one that you feel you absolutelymust have. This emotion is a dangerous one. It makes people forget about things such asmarket value and strange clanking sounds. When this emotion is combined with a buyer lookingto move things along quickly, mistakes are often made. Never purchase a car based upon thisemotion. Use your brain, not your heart. And always sleep on your decision.

    Rush the Test Drive

    Few people are stupid enough to purchase a used car without taking it for a test drive first.Doing so would be akin to purchasing a house without taking a look inside. Many people arestupid enough to rush the process however. A quick spin down a straight road is never going tocut it. You need to test every single gear. You need to take enough corners to really test thesteering. And multiple driving speeds/surfaces should be experimented with. Keep an ear outfor clanking sounds. You dont want to hear one for the first time after youve made your

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  • purchase.

    Pretend You Know What You Are Talking About

    Finally one of the most common mistakes made by those purchasing a used car is failing toadmit just how little they know about cars. Unfortunately, if you are not exactly blessed when itcomes to mechanical know how, you need to accept this fact. Before purchasing a used car,you need to get an expert to give it a once over. This can be a friend or it can be a localmechanic. It just cannot be you unless you genuinely know what you are doing.

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