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  1. 1. I was fortunate to be able to spend some time with Keith just after being told that I had missed out on a position. It had been a four month long process and after five stages had just missed out. Keith was able to help my reflection and give me a more holistic view point on the way forward. Two months on, I am now back in work and looking forward again. David Rowntree I have been able to take part in Keiths online sessions. I knew that they were going to add value to my job search. I learned about myself and better ways to highlight my achievements. The applications since the sessions have been far more successful than previously. I recommend Keiths assistance as he has deep business knowledge and furthermore is passionate about helping people. Mustafa Cem Okay I approached Keith as he has over 20 years experience of advising world class professionals on how to become more employable. Keith highlighted different parts of my professional life that would make me stand out from my competitors. I really liked his approach and the whole process was eye- opening. Within a short period I gained a position with a high-end retailer which was my aim. I would recommend Keith Miller very strongly to people who want to give themselves the edge in entering the world of work. Damian Dymowski Mastering the Job Market with Keith Miller is a very comprehensive offering. Keith has produced something which both candidates and recruiting companies will gain immense benefit from. Its packed with valuable information and tactics, delivered in a concise and easy to comprehend way. This is an indispensible guide for candidates looking to stand out from the crowd probably one of the best investments youll make in yourself as regards success in the job market. Sigi Osagie Interim Executive, Consultant, Coach and author of Procurement Mojo The structure allows you to easily glide from section to section, picking up more and more knowledge as the themes progress. The content is both interesting and practical, gained from Keiths many years of, walking the talk. Mastering the Job Market with Keith Miller will accelerate any candidate along their career path making a wise investment of their time in his words of wisdom. Dr Gary Sheard, Chairman and CEO, author of Awful Management You cant learn to write a unique CV which truly reflects your personality on YouTube or Google. It takes dedication and creativity but most of all, it takes a professional who has years of recruiting experience to give you feedback. Not on did Keith give me career advice but I also received constructive criticism and help on how to add a certain, Je ne sais quoi to my job applications. Irreplaceable service and massive value add for CVs, interviews and career prospects. It pays off! Ekaterina Buzkich A one hour consultation with Keith Miller was truly a blessing. My studies were coming to an end and I needed to write a CV that would help me get a job interview. Keith Miller did exactly that. After attending his insightful lecture on how to express oneself on a CV, I already had an idea of what a CV should look like. Where to begin though, was another story. Throughout the session, Keith made it easy and comfortable enough to open up on who I was, what I am looking for and what I can provide to an employer. His attention to detail helped me identify the strengths and weaknesses in my CV that needed to be changed. This led to a CV where I now can truly express myself in a clear and attractive way to employers. Keith Miller has helped me create a CV that is not only professional and attractive but one that I am happy and confident with. Rebecca Mifsud As a graduate, I feel that a career adviser is required to guide us on the right path and I got the help from Keith. I met him and am now clear in my mind and know what to do. There are many advisers
  2. 2. available but Keith is always available. He is very friendly, I was able to talk to him and I got all my doubts clarified....the best advice ever. Deepika Adivi Interaction with participants has been measured and respondents have been able to report anonymously. 88% state that they found the experience excellent and 12% very good. Here are just a handful of comments made about working with Keith Miller over a 7 year period: Keith gave me good advice and also probed subtly into a number of areas of my career in order to build a good picture of my experiences and capabilities. He also gave me the warts and all feedback, which will help me improve my CV and presentation Keith is highly experienced and gave me a great deal of confidence in his ability to find me a suitable position. I appreciated the time allocated to me Keith Miller is a very welcoming and experienced consultant who is able to present the content from an insiders perspective very precisely and structured whilst extracting the most important/relevant aspects of the candidate experience and personality well. Additionally I was given valuable feedback at the end of the session Professional, informative and honest very slick Keith was very helpful, direct and practical in his guidance A good insight - I received far more benefit than I expected and not because I had low expectations Rigorous review but relaxed manner Expansive, informative, detailed and frank Professional and to the point Great discussion frank exchange and extremely rewarding sessions Keith is a professional, open-minded.....with respect for people Keith left a very professional impression. He is very experienced, takes the time, was well prepared and is a good listener. It was a good atmosphere Keith has a very good inside knowledge Very engaging and focussed on outcomes Probably one of the best interviews I have had so far; every question was well thought out Good background, candid exchange of information and genuine interest at a personal level too Challenging- which is good- but open and informative Keith knew exactly what the company was looking for and could guide, steer and coach Very competent, Keith was very well versed on the company, its products and markets