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What my business contacts say:Jesse Blasongame has a knack for gaining collaboration and maintaining forward progress. He asks insightful questions to dig deeper into an issue. Hes been a fantastic resourceproviding insight in the unique transitions weve been through.Jesse has a solid communication gift. His presentations follow clear logical lines. He has a unique ability to engage his audience at the highest level of complexity, yet adjust downward when necessary and put the cookies on the lowest shelf.His experience as a business owner brings a real-world application that is rare.Fire Department Battalion Chief

Dr. Blasongame is a very effective leader and communicator. His contributions to our church, and to me personally, have proven invaluable in navigating our large church family through a significant season of change. In my role as Lead Pastor, I have found Dr. Blasongame to be a consistent source of sound counsel, a courageous advocate for change, and a valuable champion of organizational clarity.Large Church Pastor

He does what he says, is honest, determined and a straight shooter. I can count on Jesse to give me an honest answer whether the news is good or bad.President, GCC Inc.

Dr. Blasongames knowledge was invaluable during this transition period.Head of Finance, SCC (non-profit)

What my students say:I really enjoyed being in Professor Blasongames class. It was my first time being in his course and I absolutely loved it. He teaches the course like an MBA course and he doesnt over-complicate things. He is fair with his students and keeps the class environment enthusiastic. He is helpful in class and in his office hours and he makes a point to let his students know he is available. I am glad I was able to have Professor Blasongame before I graduated.

By far one of my favorite professors and courses!!

A Fantastic teacher. He really tried to make the class material useful for our future careers. Keep it up, boss-man.

He is an excellent professor. Also a great human being.

My thoughtsI love getting encouraging stuff like this. Dont we all.