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  • what remains are pixels


  • what remains are pixels


  • everything is downloaded

  • hey. i left my ipod out on the road in some heavy rain under my car and it got really wet and wouldnt turn on :( but ive done everything: i put it in rice, in the sun, blow dried it alll that. but im not really worried about getting my ipod working again its probably not it still wont turn on but is there any way at all to get my pictures from it?! i had everyyything on there! so maybe transfer it to my computer somehow but my computer doesnt recognize the device and if i sent it to apple could they maybe get a memory card out of it or something idk is it gone forever or can i get them back?! thaank you so much!

  • Theres only one way to put this. Youre screwed. It hap-pened to my iPhone, and everything was lost.

  • Lost documents and pictures on desktop. My computer was not working it kept freezing up after little bit of time. I started to worry about it crashing. So I opened up my documents and dragged two folders onto the desktop. The first was pictures. The second was documents. I was going to burn dvds to back up all my information. Before I had the chance the computer froze again. I turned it off and than back on. After it booted up the screen was like the first day I had it. No folders no files. But they all were there when I went in search mode. Except, the two folders I had dragged on to the desktop. I called Gateway and explained the situation. The guy had me do a system restore which put my computer back 6 days prior. Everything came back folders desktop screen saver everything except those two folders. I told the gateway guy this he said I probable had a trojan horse virus. He suggested I put in the gateway reboot cd (wiping clean my computer). I said I couldnt do it.That there had to be another way. I downloaded and bought Spyware Doctor it seems to have gotten rid of the virus. So it says. The computer runs fine now. BUT,the picture file lost was big like 10 GB. When I click on properties for the C drive it shows the memory being used like the lost pictures are somewhere on the C drive. I have tried every basic search and even tried Spyware Recovery File nothing seems to work. Is there any hope???Please for the love of family pictures and Spring Breaks, Help!

  • Heres something that you can try. First go into your system properties and click system restore, and disable it. Then reboot and login safe mode (F8) under administrator. Run your cleaners from there and get rid of any viruses and spyware that might still be in system resotre once that is done try a system restore from safe mode and see if it doesnt repalce the missing folders. If that doesnt work you might have to get a file recovery program and use that. Hope this helpes a little and remember to turn the system restore back on once you have tried this. :-)

  • well i got a call at 9am from a girlfriend of mine, asking me if i had googled myself lately. i said no why, she said go do it. so i do and there is numerous nude/semi nude photos of me blasted all over the internet. some of which i was only 16yrs old in. i have absolutely no idea HOW these photos got out ... i am so embarrassed/humiliated not to mention the stress and depression is working me over very bad because i have spent a week now reporting the URLs to google, emailing the webmasters, emailing the 4 other sites i found even more photos on. and im getting NO RESULTS!!!! no one will help me, i dont know what to do. im not kim kardashian and can just call FBI and get it stopped in a matter of hours. I just dont know what to do anymore, ive had my boyfriend whom is VERY computer literate trying to get this stuff stopped and its tearing him apart because for the first time he is faced with something he cant help me with. if anyone has any answers or knows a way to get them photos removed please let me know. thank you.

  • All you can do is to contact the websites that the photos are on and get them to remove them.

  • How should I store and backup my digital photo library?Over the past year Ive really gotten into digital photography, and my MacBook simply cannot hold the huge numbers of photos Im taking. So I need some other way to store my photos ... but Ive already had one bad experience where I lost some of my pics because I wasnt careful and didnt back them up.

    How would you recommend storing digital photographs on a semi-tight budget (hopefully under $100, but willing to spend up to $200-ish if extremely necessary)? Ive looked a little into external hard drives and CDs/DVDs, which seem to me like probably the best option. But are there any recommended brands/products/features to look into, with an emphasis on keeping my files safe as well as storing them?

    Thanks so much, Ive been doing my own research but there are so many options I am a bit overwhelmed! :-)

  • DVDs are a good way to go. If the drive fails, the data is still safe (after its written and finalized). Also, you can do it incrementally just buy enough to back up what you have. As you get more pics, you can get more DVDs. You can find 100 on sale for under $20 sometimes from thats about 400 GB. You might consider Blu-Ray; more $$ for the disks and drives, but its just now becoming common in computers, so it will probably be around for a while longer than DVDs. The disks hold 12X more, too, so they might be cost-effective when on sale. Always verify the disk after a write to make sure the backup is good. No point keeping a disk that cant be read!

    Of course, all media is subject to degradation over time. The government uses silver-based film negatives to store data for 100 years; not much will equal that anytime soon. It might be possible to keep some digital records that long, but you also will need a drive to read them. Do you still have a 5 1/4 in floppy? How about a 100MB Zip drive? An interface card for either that will work in todays computers? Even if the data is there, you still need to get it back ...

    If you hope to keep stuff for long, count on continually copying the old storage format to the new storage format on a regular basis (every few years). That means its best to keep it in uncompressed formats (BMP, RAW, TIFF, etc) so the decompression algorithm doesnt disappear, too. More space required, but at least youll have a chance of getting the data back whole if you can read it.

    Like any good library, youll want to keep the disks at room temperature, out of the light, and a relatively constant humidity for the longest life. No day trips in the minivan for the originals! Make a copy if you want to take the data anywhere ...

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  • everything is downloaded

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