What Will Compliance Training Do For You?

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  • What Will Compliance Training Do For You?

    Regimes rise and fall every day. The

    difference between a successful venture and

    an unsuccessful one comes down to how

    well people work together to build an image,

    a product and an infrastructure.

    Working as a team

    The more often people come together to

    follow specific guidelines, the better the

    machine works and the more effective it is.

    The more often people act against the

    guidelines and fight each other instead of

    work together, the less effective the machine

    is and majority of its time is spent fixing itself.

    Shellfish Analogy

    A great analogy to think about goes as follows: Consider for a moment a man that is allergic to shellfish.

    Despite his intolerance, he insists on eating as much of it as he can because it just tastes so good.

    Some nights are so bad that he has to go to the hospital to spend a few days recovering. The effects are

    so bad that they cripple him, making him unable to work, hold down a job or enjoy much of his life.

    His addiction to shellfish keeps him under the weather and out of luck for most of his life. Now consider

    a second man with the same allergy.

    Although he may love seafood, he understands that indulging in his love now will only hurt him later. He

    understands the rules and obeys them to live a better, healthier lifestyle.

    He does so and enjoys his life more because of it. Businesses that have no form of unity amongst their

    employees operate as the first man.

    Their constant fight against the body (or the company as a whole) can cripple it for a while. The internal

    struggles keep any work from getting done and destroy productivity.


  • It is only when a company can become more like the second man that efficiency and productivity can

    flourish. Should your company reflect the lifestyle of man number one, compliance training can help put

    you on the path to a more permanent recovery.

    Compliance training

    Compliance training teaches your

    employees what you expect from

    them. Compliance training details a

    list of expectations and shows them

    what consequences can be expected

    from non-compliance.

    Expectations can include anything

    from a dress code to ethics within the

    workplace. If your business demands a

    certain look to your employees than it

    is appropriate to expect that look

    from your employees.

    Communicate that desire to them and

    make sure they are doing it. Ethics can

    be expected of your employees as well.

    Each employee represents your brands image. In other words, if you portray to the world that you are a

    classy, honorable business, then your employees better emulate those qualities at every level.

    Otherwise you risk losing customers. Compliance training tools can help you accomplish your goals on a

    regular basis.

    Your employees will know exactly what to expect from you and will respect you for your choices. If they

    do not, then they will either choose to stick with you or not.

    And to be honest, you want employees that will believe in the same things you do. If you dont then you

    will be fighting battles with them at every turn and neither or you will be happy.

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