What will you do for Thanksgiving?

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Did you say Thanksgiving???. How awesome do you think you are?. What will you do for Thanksgiving?. Month Info Page. Hi everyone! Welcome to: In the season of: Some things about this month:. The gemstone of November is a topaz, and the flower is a chrysanthemum. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


<p>PowerPoint Presentation</p> <p>What will you do for Thanksgiving?How awesome do you think you are?</p> <p>Did you say Thanksgiving???</p> <p>Month Info Page</p> <p>Hi everyone! Welcome to:</p> <p>In the season of:</p> <p>Some things about this month:</p> <p>The gemstone of November is a topaz, and the flower is a chrysanthemumSUPER AWESOMELEY AWESOME PEOPLE WHO ARE AWESOMELEY AWESOME ENOUGH TO DONATE SOMETHING TO THE FUNNY MAGAZINEFirst, Id like to acknowledge the:</p> <p>Which ARE:Maggie BrightArianna BarattaKelly McGuiganRose Cassidy-&gt;Kevin Ramos |(there. Added you happy? &gt;:(-)John CatanzaritaCole Yamamoto\ANDSPECIAL THANKS TOYURI SIRENKO,MY DAD, FOR PRINTING OUT50 COPIES OF TFM EACHTIME! Crazy MarieMr. Keane Plays Hopscotch!</p> <p>Sandies Thanksgiving Feast At recess, Kelly and I were playing hopscotch. Then Mr. Keane came up to us and asked, Whats so fun about this game? So we showed him how to play. We gave him the stone to throw and he tried it out!!! It was fun. </p> <p> One day, we were reading books, and Sandie was bored. She walked into the garage. We didnt mind, we didnt think shed do anything. A bit later, she was STILL in the garage so we went to check on her. But guess what??? She had knocked down the box of dog food, and she was feasting on it all! It took us awhile to get her away from the food but we did it!Dear Mr. Ugly,Dear Mr. Ugly, Why am I so beautiful?From,Kevin RamosDear Kevin, What in the trashcan does beautiful mean? Never heard that word before.From Mr. UglyDear Mr. Ugly, What kind of food do you want for Thanksgiving?From,Maggie BrightDear Maggie, I want trash-stuffed turkey, trash, more trash, shoelaces, and more junky stuff!From Mr. UglySUBMIT TO MR. Ugly on the back! Dear Mr. Ugly, Hi. Youre weird.From,John CatanzaritaDear Mr. Ugly, What is your favorite holiday and how do you decorate for it?From,Kelly McGuiganDear John, Why, thank you!!! That was ever so kind of you to say. From Mr. UglyDear Kelly, I like TRASH DAY!!! I made it up. I celebrate the beautiy of trash. I hang trash everywhere to decorate.From Mr. UglyDear Mr. Ugly, I have really crazy brothers. What should I do?From,Rose CassidyDear Rose, Maybe you should all have a nice little talk. You can stop by my dump and Ill have some shoelace spaghetti ready From Mr. UglySandies BlogHey guys! Uh I have another problem. MOTHS!!! I HATE THEM!THEYRE SO ANNOYING!!! They just fly around you all day and they taste like dust. Bleh. They, like, love me for some reason. Its like Im honey or whatever they like. Urg. Eww one just landed on me. O-O GET OFFA ME, GET OFFA ME, GET OFFA ME!!! Ewwwww Theyre so YUCKY!!! I need heeeeelllllpppp!!!!! WHY MUST THEY BE SO ANNOYINGG? Please post a reply and I will respond ^.^~SandiePosted by SandieRocks on Friday, October 26, 2012Zuni123 said:Moths, huh? Well how about you *frowns* Do something! SandieRocks replied:-.- Really, Zuni, really? Okay. Ill do somethingPeeweeChihuahua said:MMMMM did you say MOTHS??? SO YUMMY!!! Moths are like, the best! A great dessert! DSandieRocks replied:Hmmm maybe I could invite you over to my house and you could eat them all up for me! Reply to Sandie on the back in the Sandies Blog Slot! DO IT NOW!!!!!!!REPLIES FROM LAST MONTH WITH THE VACUUMMaggieBright said:Its just a vacuum cleaner, silly! Youll be fine! SandieRocks replied:Easy for you to say youre a hoomin!User7752_CY said:A vacuum is a banana! Think of it as a big, juicy bone, and youll be fine!*If you want to know who User7752_CY is, ask Marie ^.^SandieRocks replied:Hmm Ill try that out! RoseCassidy said:Youre acting like a wimp!SandieRocks replied:Hey! </p> <p>Weird Page</p> <p>Which one is your favorite? Write it on the back! Other PageThe Adventures of Daisy:Daisy and the Case of the Stolen LollipopPart One - IntroductionOne day, in the office of Daisy You walk into the office. Sandie greets you and says, Why hello there! Lemme show you Daisy. Daisy! You have visitors! Sandie turns back to you. Shell be right with you. Moments later, a blue squirrel shows up. A cartoon squirrel Why hello there! Daisy greets you. Welcome to my headquarters. Oh my names Daisy, by the way. Im Sandies cartoon buddy She smiles. Im a detective. Currently I am working on the case of Stolen Lollipop. Daisy shakes her head sadly. You see, poor little Susie was going out to play, so she left her lollipop on the bench she sniffles. When she came back from play, her lollipop was gone! Its quite a tragedy. I am working on the case. Ill fill you in on my progress as I go alone. For now, Im going to do some thinking. You nod understandingly. Well, too-do-loo then! Daisy says as she shoves you out the door. Sandie looks at you apologetically. Sorry, she usually isnt that rude. Well, see you next time! Daisy will get back to you by then.</p> <p> One day, there was a piece of gum. His name was gum. The only thing he ever said was Gum. Then one day, he got stuck on the bottom of someones shoe The endGum StorySubmitted PageName:_____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Maggie BrightOne day Mr. Fuzzy Pen was put in the bag. He went into a room with desks. He was usedThen he was used again! Mr. Fuzzy Pen wrote a story. Then Mr. Fuzzy Pen was used again! But then Mr. Fuzzy Pen diedThen came back to life Then died again! Then he was alive again for 3 secondsThen Mr. Fuzzy Pen died Forever. End Ever. Good bye Mr. Fuzzy Pen!The End.PS. It is a true story.Ask Maggie Bright.Name:______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Random GuyHi. Blah, blah, blah. Did you like my story?Name:________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Kelly McGuiganThe day I met Mr. Ugly was on Halloween. As usual, he went as a trash can. I came over and he smelled horrible. I asked him, Why are you always a trash can for Halloween? He said, Because it is my usual outfit, and when ever I go up to someones house for sugar, they give me candy instead. I asked, If you dont want your candy, can I have it? As long as I can have my wrappers for my trash kingdom! Mwahhahahaaa! Deal! So, he gave me all the candy. Oh, and Never get candy from Mr. Ugly!!! It tastes like trash!Ditzys Editorial</p> <p>I love The Funny Magazine! ~Rose C.Aww, thanks! Were glad you like it!</p> <p>Sure! Ill ask Marie. Sadly, there wasnt a comic in TFM this time Can you do more context in the comics? ~Kelly M. </p> <p>Can you make a Random Flying Taco Page? ~Cole Y. and Maggie B.</p> <p>Can you make a story series? ~Oksana S.</p> <p>Can you do more things for the FUN page? ~Kelly M. Hmm Okay! Itll be part of TFM next time, though. Yup! In the Other Page The Daisy thing </p> <p>Sure thing! Now theres TWO things back there </p> <p>Yeah! Sure thing. Look in the Other Page :DCan you make a gum story? ANYTHING TO SUBMIT?Write it on the back! Thanksgiving QuizHey everyone! Im back with another quiz!</p> <p>What will you eat for Thanksgiving? A. Normal stuff! Turkey, pie, mashed potatoes you get the point. B. Uh bananas! B-a-n-a-n-a fun to spell C. Trash!</p> <p>Who will you have Thanksgiving with?</p> <p> A. My family, duh! B. EVERYONE IN THE WORLD!!! C. Mr. Ugly, of course!</p> <p>Where will you have your Thanksgiving?</p> <p> A. Home? B. The ZOO!!! C. Mr. Uglys dump! Fun PageTZDELICIOUSGSFEPFXXDNXNUYUFUNNYEOIXCKAPIEYNEVFFVBOYFFIUIEILCPTEFZOGMMKJQHVUAESBXBHCOWVGRKAQCEJUUTALNKBSYROWFMSACVEBTUPGOBHTIUJYDHXPGTQPMMYZPBLHJYum Delicious Funny November Pie DeliciousFeast YayMagazineTurkey ThanksgivingUnscramble</p> <p>Word Box:For Unscramble and Word searchMYUOLEUCIISDNYNUFNMEVEROBEPIOLIDIUESCFSTEAYYAZAAINMEGYTKEURTAINKGHSDo you have replies to anything? Write it over here! </p> <p>Name:______________Now rip it out and give it to Marie! (5-1)Dear Mr. Ugly,</p> <p>From:Dear Sandie,____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________From: Fav. Picture:_______________Did the chicken or egg come first?________________Story (Aww, please? I really need some!) :________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________I COMAND YOU TO LOOK ON THE BACK NOWFunnyMagazine</p> <p>Continue Story__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Suggestions &amp; Ideas for Ditzys Editorial_________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Thank you! These really help ~MariePLEASE DO NOT DISTRIBUTE!!! I HAVE ENOUGH FOR EVERYONE, JUST ASK ME FOR AN EXTRA!!!(Yes, that means not sharing unless I dont have any left!)</p>


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