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Where to Buy and Why | [email protected] | 1300 550 656

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Where to Buy and Why | [email protected] | 1300 550 656

Hot Spotting

Is it a flicker or a flame?

Rules for Hot Spotting

Who is making the prediction?What fundamentals is it based on?Be careful of MediansHow old is the prediction?Does the prediction affect supply and demand?Do your own researchBe comfortable in your own mind.What Creates a Hot Spot?

Infrastructure proposalsEmployment generatorsMarket conditionsGentrificationRule ChangesAspley

Gordon Park/Stafford/Kedron


Kangaroo Point

Kangaroo Point Median Prices

Houses $468,000

Units $500,00

Infrastructure on the radar: WeakMorningside




More Hot Spots

MitcheltonBanyoWoolloongabbaCamp Hill/Norman ParkChermside

Now its your turn!

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