While My Eyes Were Closed by Linda Green

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Text of While My Eyes Were Closed by Linda Green

  • 7/25/2019 While My Eyes Were Closed by Linda Green


  • 7/25/2019 While My Eyes Were Closed by Linda Green


    Your body realises you have lost your child before your

    brain does. The invisible umbilical cord between you

    snaps. Everything inside you goes loose and limp. Only

    then does your brain register what is happening. It

    kicks into action, trying to prove to your body that it is

    wrong. You do what it tells you, of course. You scramble

    in every direction. Pulling and pulling on your end of

    that cord. Hoping that if you pull hard enough, if youshout and kick and scream, if you can only get to the

    other end, you might somehow find your child still


    When they are not. When it is clear that they have

    gone. That is when the guilt kicks in. You are their

    mother. You have a duty to look after them. And youhave failed in that duty of care, therefore you are a

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  • 7/25/2019 While My Eyes Were Closed by Linda Green


    w hile m y e y es w er e closed | 2

    failed mother. How can you be anything else when it

    happened on your watch? While your eyes were closed,for goodness sake.

    That is when you start to shut down inside. One by

    one, your vital organs cease to function. It is hard to

    know how you carry on breathing, how the blood pumps

    around your body, because you are certainly not doing

    it willingly.You wish that somebody would be kind enough to put

    you out of your misery. Until you realise that this is the

    price you must pay to suffer in the way that your child

    has. You deserve nothing less for letting them down so

    badly. And so you live your non-existent life. And every

    day when you wake up, if you have been lucky enough

    to get any sleep at all, the first word you say is sorry.

    They cant reply, of course. But you say it all the same. In

    the hope that somehow they will hear and forgive you.

    Even though you know you will never forgive yourself.

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  • 7/25/2019 While My Eyes Were Closed by Linda Green




    You havent seen me climb up to the big slide yet, have

    you, Mummy? says Ella, who is lying on top of our bed

    in her grubby Frozenpyjamas.

    I am not the sort of mum who beats herself up about

    missing firsts. I missed Chloes first steps (though

    Mum, bless her, described them to me afterwards with

    a commentary befitting the moon-landings), but I

    wasnt particularly bothered about this because tryingto earn enough money to get our own place was more

    important to me than being able to tick off a list of

    milestones in some crappy baby book that your mother-

    in-law gave you. (I didnt have a mother-in-law at the

    time, on account of Chloes father not having hung

    around long enough after I told him I was pregnant forme to even meet his mother, let alone marry her son,

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  • 7/25/2019 While My Eyes Were Closed by Linda Green


    w hile m y e y es w er e closed | 4

    but if I had done, I reckon she would have given me one

    of those books.)But today, for some reason, Ellas words sting a little.

    Perhaps its the fact that since she first conquered the

    route up the rope climbing frame on Monday with Mum

    watching, Dad, Alex and even Otis have all seen her

    repeat the feat. Or maybe its the fact that today is her

    last weekday of freedom. Ella starts school on Monday.And although she is excited about it now, I am well

    aware that when she realises she also has to go to school

    on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, not just

    the first week but every week from now on, she will be

    furious at being denied the chance of spending her

    afternoons in the park, as she has this week.

    No, how about I come and see you do it today then? I

    say. Ella beams at me, her dimples showing and two

    rows of tiny teeth bared in one of those smiles which

    children stop doing when they become self-conscious.

    I thought you had clients this afternoon, says Alex,

    rubbing his eyes as he comes round.

    My three oclocks cancelled, and Suzies alreadyoffered to do my last one if I want to get away early.

    Itll give Mum a break too. Shell be shattered after the


    What party? asks Alex, who has never been able

    to get his head around our childrens packed social

    calendar.Charlies party, says Ella before I can answer,

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  • 7/25/2019 While My Eyes Were Closed by Linda Green


    linda green | 5

    jumping up and down on the bed. Hes going to be four

    but hes still not as old as me.We both smile. Charlie Wilson lives next door to us.

    He and Ella are almost a year apart but will be starting

    school together next week. And she is so not ever going

    to let him forget who is older.

    Where is it? asks Alex.

    Jumping Beans, I reply.Oh, shame youve got to work then. Youd have enjoyed

    that. Alex turns to me with a wry smile, being well aware

    of my aversion to soft play centres in general and the one

    with the crappiest party food in town in particular.

    Yeah, never mind eh, I reply. Im sure therell be

    plenty of others once she gets to school.

    Pretty much every other weekend, from what I can

    remember with Otis, who will thankfully soon be

    entering the more chilled-out going-bowling-with-a-

    few-mates party phase.

    Are you going to come and see me get my football

    medal then? asks Otis, who has been lying quietly on

    the other side of Alex (we have got the four-to-a-bedthing off to a fine art).

    Yeah, as long as you behave and dont do a Luis Suarez

    on the last day. I smile. Otis grins back. Having been

    blessed with his fathers temperament, we all know this

    is highly unlikely.

    Are you coming too, Daddy? he asks, climbing overonto Alex.

    9781784292812_WhileMyEyesWereClosed.indd 5 10/28/15 7:10:03 AM

  • 7/25/2019 While My Eyes Were Closed by Linda Green


    w hile m y e y es w er e closed | 6

    No. Sorry, mate, says Alex, ruffling Otiss hair, which

    has grown longer than it probably should have overthe holidays. Ill drop you off at footie camp, but

    then Ive got to go to a meeting in Manchester. You can

    show me your medal when I get home though, cant


    Otis nods. And Grandad, he says. Ill take it to show

    Grandad too. My dad has a bet on Otis playing for LeedsUnited and England by the time hes twenty-five. Otis is

    good but Im not sure hes that good. Not that it matters.

    The important thing is that he prefers to spend his time

    running around outside kicking a football, instead of

    hunched in front of an Xbox or a tablet. How long that

    will last I dont know, but Im going to make the most of

    it while it does.

    Right, I say, stretching out under the duvet. Wed

    better get up and get sorted then. Last one down to

    breakfast has to clear up afterwards.

    Ella and Otis scramble up in a blur of limbs and hair

    and disappear from our room. Alex rolls over to me.

    When do you think that one will stop working?I dont know. Hopefully not until they start having


    And remind me when that is again, he asks, tucking

    a strand of my hair back behind my ear. Its all a bit of

    a blur to me.

    I smile, remembering how Alex, having earned count-less brownie points for being such a brilliant stepfather

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  • 7/25/2019 While My Eyes Were Closed by Linda Green


    linda green | 7

    to Chloe, then lost as many by being utterly hopeless

    with sleep deprivation when we had Otis and Ella.I think Chloe was about twelve.

    Great, only another seven years to go until the end of

    the early mornings then.

    I dig him in the ribs before kissing him. His breath is

    warm. His lips taste of mornings. I pull him closer to

    me, wishing we could have a bit longer in bed. Some-times I feel the need to introduce myself to him when

    we finally grab a few minutes together.

    Hey, dont start all that stuff, he says.

    Why not? We are married, apparently.

    Are we? When the hell did that happen? Did I actu-

    ally wake up in time for the ceremony?

    I kiss him again to shut him up. Only just.

    Anyway, I need a shower, he continues. Sticky night.

    I smell like a pig.

    No, you dont, I reply (working in a gym qualifies me

    as something of an expert on this subject). And any-

    way, I add, running my fingers down his back, even if

    you did, I could put up with it.Shame someone will be barging in here in two min-

    utes complaining that his sister has nicked the Coco

    Pops then, isnt it?

    I smile and give him one last kiss.

    They wont like it next week, you know, I say. When

    it goes back to being boring, healthy stuff for the schoolterm.

    9781784292812_WhileMyEyesWereClosed.indd 7 10/28/15 7:10:03 AM

  • 7/25/2019 While My Eyes Were Closed by Linda Green


    w hile m y e y es w er e closed | 8

    Well, if you set yourself up as the evil cereal dictator,

    you have to deal with dissent in the ranks.Thanks for your support.

    No problem. And just so you know when you have to

    referee the fallout,

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