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This is an example of an Outline. This document was written about the bengal withe tigers, and why they have disappeared because hunting. Hunting White tgers has become a problem that has made these animal disappear from nature. In the past 50 years none have been een in the wild(indiantiger.org)


Outline White TigersAlejandro Raigosa VargasUniversidad del Valle de Mexico, Campus Torreon

I. Introduction

A. Current Problem: White Bengal Tigers in nature have disappeared because the hunting and capture. B. Population/Area of Focus: Asia (Indian subcontinent) C. Key Terms: Tigers, Hunting, India, Capture

Thesis Statement: Hunting White Tigers has become a problem that has made these animals disappear(White Tiger, a-z-animals.com) from nature. In the past 50 years none have been seen in the wild(indiantiger.org)

II. Background

A. Historical Overview: Even though that the range of the White Tiger is truly very large, these animal are really rare. In the last two centuries this animal has become even rarer because the hunting and capture. In the past 50 years none have been seen in the wild. B. Historical Habitat Overview: The White Tiger have been found in the most part of India and surrounding countries.C. Current White tiger Distribution: Today, the White Tiger can still be found in a handful of zoos and animal sanctuaries around the world with these large and beautiful felines often being the star attraction.

III. Major Point 1: Number of White Tiger in the wild

A. Minor Point 1: During the last 100 years, merely 12 white tigers have been spotted in the wild in India; giving an approximate proportion of 1 white tiger for every 10,000 normal pigmented (orange) tigers. B. Minor point 2: The recent spotting of a white Bengal tiger in the wild was in Rewa (Central India) on 27, May 1951.

IV. Major Point 2: The hunting and capture for pet trade has decreased the number of White Tigers in the last two centuries.

A. Minor Point 1: The main reasons tigers are critically endangered, in most cases, are illegal hunting for their pelts, meat and body parts (used in useless medicaments) as well as habitat destruction.

V. Conclusion:

Restatement of Thesis: The main reason for the disappearance of the white tigers is the hunting and catching.Next Steps: The best solution to this problem is the conservation of natural habitats and stops the destruction of the global ecosystem, not only tigers but for all species.


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