White tiger panthera Tigris panthera Tigris Stephanie Bauman

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Text of White tiger panthera Tigris panthera Tigris Stephanie Bauman

White tiger

White tiger panthera Tigris

Stephanie Bauman


HabitatConiferous forest10-30 sq. ft. Alone




Small Rodents

Size of animal, phys characterFur is white with dark stripesGenetic mutationMales396-5698-10ft. longFemales220-3527-9ft. Long

Housing/climate requirementsTemperate climatesHigh altitudesSwampy areaMangrove

Relationship with other speciesKing of the Jungle!

ReproductionScent markings and locating roars5-day period103 days: gestation periodMale does not stay2-3 cubs. Rarely 5. One usually dies

Fun FactsGood Swimmer Not a good climberSlow runner but stealthy Hunt at nightLive to be about 10-15 in wildZoo about 16-201 in 10,000 chance

EndangeredPoachingHuntingBirth defectsRarity

PopulationOnly about 200 leftMost in zoosOnly 12 seen 100 years

What people are doingThe Tiger SSP has condemned breedingThe Tiger FoundationWPSI (Wildlife Protection Society of India)WWF (World Wildlife Fund)Poaching illegal

QuizWhat is the tigers scientific name?What is the non-human related problem against the white tiger?How many cubs are usually born?Is the white tiger a better swimmer or climber?What does WPSI stand for?

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