Who Are We and How Can We Help You The Tuition Bill and How to Pay Things to be Aware of Questions

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2013 Student Orientation. Who Are We and How Can We Help You The Tuition Bill and How to Pay Things to be Aware of Questions. Managing The Maze. Presented by Student Fiscal Services. Student Fiscal Services Items on The Tuition Statement Payment of Tuition and Fees - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Who Are We and How Can We Help You

    The Tuition Bill and How to Pay

    Things to be Aware of

    QuestionsPresented by Student Fiscal Services

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  • Online Tuition StatementSeparate from University Housing BillAccess to the Tuition Statement Due the Third Friday of the Quarter

  • Actions:Information ReleaseDirect Deposit Address ChangePrint StatementPay OnlineOther Payment OptionsScholarshipsIn PersonDrop SlotMailCredit Card*

  • Aid DisbursementAdditional feesTaxes

  • Non-UW ScholarshipsStudents need to report all scholarships to the Office of Student Financial Aid (OSFA), if they were not already reported on your award notice. Forgetting to report all scholarships can cause problems with your financial aid award and in some cases may require you to return some of your financial aid money.

    Scholarships will reduce your unmet need first, and then loans and/or work study before any grants or UW scholarships are reduced.

    Scholarships checks are sent to:University of Washington, ScholarshipsBox 24967Seattle, WA 98124-1967

  • Parents - Go to www.get.wa.govLog in to your GET accountBeginning August 1, inform GET where your student will be attending college and choose your payment option. (Direct Payment or Reimbursement Request)Select Account Summary to determine units availableSelect Using Units

    UW ProcessOn the first day of the quarter, SFS will pay tuition for students who have requested GET money. SFS cannot pay tuition before the quarter starts.As long as a student requests GET money before the tuition due date, SFS will pay the student's account on time with no late payment fee.The GET program can take up to 2 weeks to process payments. SFS will post the payment after the request is approved by the state but before we actually receive the funds.

  • MILITARYVAStudent applies for the benefit in the UW VA office in Schmitz Hall, room 520.VA office certifies the account and requests the money for the student.SFS pays tuition for the student after we receive the funds.ROTCContact the ROTC unit on campus for your scholarship questions.Army: 206-543-9010Navy: 206-543-0170Air Force: 206-543-2360

  • Stafford LoanStudent Signs Master Promissory Note Online: www.StudentLoans.gov

    Perkins LoanStudent Signs Master Promissory Note Online: MyUWGenerally, tuition and fees are paid first from any scholarships, grants, or loans receivedDisbursement of Loans, Grants, Scholarships

  • Upass (required)Late Fees$50 to $249.99 $50$250 and over $120Course/Lab feesTuition ForfeitureAdd/Drop FeeInsuranceShort Term Loan$2500 available UW HousingStudy AbroadOther

    Fees You May See in the Detail*

  • Taxes*U.S. ResidentAmerican OpportunityForm 1098TNon U.S. ResidentForm 1042S

  • ********