Who is Oedipus’ real Father?. Who is Oedipus’ adopted Mother?

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Text of Who is Oedipus’ real Father?. Who is Oedipus’ adopted Mother?

Who is Oedipus real Father?

Who is Oedipus real Father?Who is Oedipus adopted Mother?Where did Oedipus accidentally kill Laius?A. IHOPB. The Cracker BarrelC. The crossroadsD. The crossbeamsWhat part of Oedipus body was pierced through?EyesAnklesKneesfeetWhat was the answr to the riddle that Oedipus answered:horseManfrogWhy does Oedipus leave his parents?they are poorThe Oracle said he would kill his Father/marry his MotherHe would kill his childrenHow did Oedipus become King?Who went to seek advice from Tiresius, and from whom?What was Tiresius advice?Who were the people that brought up Oedipus?What was Tiresius fate for Oedipus?

What are Oedipus (adopted) parents names?Was Creon planning a revolt against Oedipus?What does the messenger reveal to Jocasta about Oedipus?a.That he lived a double lifeb. He killed both of his parentsc. He was hung by his hands on a tree, and left to died. He was tied by his ankles and left to die, just like his sonTRUE OR FALSEOedipus killed his previous king and all of his companionsThe Sphynx ____________ his victims when they got the riddle wrongWhat did O use to stab out his own eyesA. macheteB. butterfly knifeC. pinD. his own handsTRUE OR FALSECreon was King after Oedipus stabbed his eyes outWhat literary device is being used when they say Tieresius is a blind prophet?Is it foreshadowing when Oedipus promises to find Laius killer when he really is the killer?What did the messenger say to Oedipus?What does Creon do at the end of the book?

What does Creon do at the end of the book?How does King Laius die?Who are Antigone and IsmeneA. Oedipus sistersB. Oedipus sonsC. Oedipus daughtersThis term means the audience experiences fear and pity A. hamartiaB. catharsisC. ironyD. hubrisWho did Oedipus send to Apollo to find out the reason for the plague


Oedipus was _______ from the city as punishmentWho knew about Oedipus real identity the WHOLE TIME?A. shepherdB. messengerC. LaiusD. Creon