Who Might They Say That We Are

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This is a power point meant to explain the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A)\'s logo.


Who Might they Say that We are?

First Presbyterian Church of Osawatomie

The majority of our Presbyterian logo is a cross representing Jesus confrontation of the unjust powers of his day.

Who Might They Say That Presbyterians are?

The Bible as our FocusAn open Bible symbolizes the Presbyterians respect for and study of scriptures in our English language as well as in the original languages of Hebrew (Old Testament) and Greek (New Testament)

The Spirit as A Mysterious GiftThe descending dove symbolizes the Holy Spirit which envelopes our community. We believe the Spirit helps us to understand scripture, our world and one another.

Interpretation in CommunityThe lecturn and pulpit are symbols of the sanctuary in which our community gathers to sing, pray, think and fellowship. Presbyterians believe that it is in community that we have the greatest ability to undersand what God is inviting us to do.

The Passion that is KindledFlames are symbols of passion and insight that lead people to strive toward faithful living in their circumstances.

Can You Imagine the Triangle? Though not visible, the geometry of the triangle is part of the strength of our symbol. The triangle reminds us of the democratic structure of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A) where authority is divided among ministers, members and the larger church made up of Presbyteries, Synods and General Assembly.

Communion and Baptism

The fish and the cup signify Jesus ministry to those who hungered as well as times when he was hosted in peoples homes. Especially, we remember his last supper among his disciples before his crucifixion. Jesus attention to table is a foundation for our celebration of the Lords Supper.

Communion and Baptism

The lower symbol is likened to a baptismal font at which both children and adults are baptized. There is no one stage of life that Presbyterians require baptism. Further, in respect and humility, Presbyterians honor the baptism of any other denomination.