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  • Who Moved My Cheese?

    Presented by:

    Shelley Rinehart, M.A.

    Director of Educational Planning& Counseling

    San Jacinto College South

  • Remember when

    Playing outside until dark (Red Light, Green

    Light, Red Rover)

    Tapes & Records

    Floppy Discs


    Microsoft 2003



  • What is CHANGE?

    Doing things differently

    Seeing things in a new way

    Adjusting to surprises

    Ideas with new twists

  • Change affects everyone differently;

    there is no normal.

    Change is an essential element of the

    world and it must be accepted.

    Adapting to change is about our


    We have to grief for what we are

    letting go of.

    Change is an opportunity for self-

    motivation and innovation.

    We can identify strategies for

    accepting and implementing our


    About change

  • Nobody likes change but

    wet babiesand often

    they cry through the

    entire process.


  • Notice that the stiffest tree is most easily cracked,

    while the bamboo or willow survives by bending with

    the wind.

    ~Bruce Lee

  • I cant change the

    direction of the wind,

    but I can adjust my sails

    to always reach my


    ~Jimmy Dean

  • Youve got to continue

    to grow, or youre just

    like last nights


    stale and dry.

    ~Loretta Lynn

  • Who Moved My Cheese?

    Cheese is whatever is important to you the way you do your job, health,relationships with other people, peace of mind, etc.

    The Maze is where you look for Cheese your organization, community, or family.

    What is your Cheese, and where are you looking for it?

  • The Movie

  • Who Are You In The Story?


    who can smell

    change in the air


    who goes into

    action immediately

  • HEM

    who does not want

    to change

    Its Not Fair!


    who is startled by change,

    but then laughs at himself,

    changes, and moves on

    to Enjoy New Cheese!

  • The Sniff, Scurry, Hem & Haw

    Parts of Ourselves

    We may have a little bit of each

    of these characters in us - which

    we can use to help us deal with


  • Expect change to occur at work

    & in life.

    How Can You Sniff Out

    Change & Succeed?

    Adapt change what you are

    doing and win!

    Sniff out small changes now that

    alert you to the larger changes

    that lay ahead.

  • Once you have sniffed out the

    changes that are happening, get

    moving in a new direction ASAP.

    If you get lost, change your

    direction by taking a different


    Adapt change what you are

    doing and win!

    How Can You Scurry Into

    Action & Succeed?

  • Dont hem and haw go beyond

    your comfort or fear.

    Dont deny that change is happening.

    Dont get angry, or bargain orbecome depressed. If you playHems victim game, you will beleft behind.

    Adapt change what you are

    doing and win!

    How Can You Avoid

    Losing Like Hem?

  • Adapt change what you are doing

    - and win!

    See yourself enjoying somethingbetter and go into the Maze forNew Cheese.

    Get in touch with reality - change is


    Adjust laugh at yourself if you

    are resisting change.

    How Can You Be Like

    Haw & Succeed?

  • Relating To Other

    Sniffs, Scurrys, Hems & Haws

    In Your Organization and Family

    There Are Many Kinds of People In the Maze

    From Co-workers to Students And Each Needs to Be Treated Differently

  • Sniffs can help you create a vision of New Cheese by sniffing out change and its opportunities.

    Relating to SNIFFS

    Sniffs want to work with organizations and be in families that recognize change

    and adapt in time.

    Encourage Sniffs to identifychanges that result in newproducts & services customerswant, or new ways to enjoy abetter family.

  • Support and reward Scurrys for their

    innovative ways of finding New Cheese

    Relating to SCURRYS

    Scurrys are energetic & like to get things

    done quickly.

    Encourage Scurrys to take new


    Scurrys want to work with

    organizations & be in families that

    value action and results.

    Scurrys need to clearly focus on the Vision

    of New Cheese so they dont waste

    resources scurrying off in the wrong


  • Relating to HEMS

    Hems are anchors who slow things

    down.Hems are too comfortable or too

    afraid to change and they do not

    realize the danger in not changing.

    Provide Hems with a sensible

    Vision of New Cheese where they

    can see how changing works to

    their advantage.

    Position change in a way that

    shows Hems that changing will

    increase their sense of security.

  • Haws are reluctant to change, but canadapt in time.

    Relating to HAWS

    Encourage Haws to expectchange to happen and activelylook for it.

    Haws like to be in organizationsand families that bring out the bestin people & give them the training& tools to change.

    Haws understand peoples reluctance to change & can paint a realistic vision of New Cheese that makes sense to most people.

  • The VISION lights the way forHems to proceed through the Mazewith a greater sense of safety.

    TurningHEMS intoHAWS

    Show Hems The Handwriting onthe Wall so they realize howchanging works to their advantageand that not changing is dangerous.

    If Hems choose to enter theMaze, they will find it is not asscary as they had feared. If theybecome Haws, they can findNew Cheese.


    Change Your Beliefs About Change

    Change how you see change so it works to your advantageby seeing it

    not as a loss but as a gain.

    Imagine Your New Cheese

    See yourself enjoying your gain in realistic detail so you come

    to believe it & you enjoy pursuing it.

    Do things differently and gain

    something better!

    Take New


  • What Could


    New Cheese Be?

  • Imagining Yourself Enjoying

    New Cheese, Even Before

    You Find It, Leads You To It

  • 10/31/2011 27

    Now Imagine Something That

    You Would Like to See

    Happening at Work or in Life.

    Paint Such A Clear Picture

    That You Already Feel

    Yourself Enjoying It.

    Think of It As To Brie or Not

    To Brie?

    Close Your Eyes, Smile And

    Imagine How You Want Things

    to Brie.



    Change Happens

    They Keep Moving the Cheese

    Anticipate Change

    Get Ready For The Cheese To Move

    Monitor Change

    Smell The Cheese Often So You

    Know When It Is Getting Old

  • Adapt To Change Quickly

    The Quicker You Let Go Of Old Cheese,

    The Sooner You Can Enjoy New Cheese


    Move With The Cheese

    Enjoy Change!

    Savor The Adventure And

    Enjoy The Taste Of New Cheese!

    Be Ready To Quickly Change

    & Enjoy It, Again, And Again!

    They Keep Moving The Cheese

  • What would you add to the

    Handwriting on the wall?

  • It is not the strongest

    who survive,

    nor the most intelligent,

    but those who are

    most responsive to


  • in other wordsMove To The New Cheese

    And Enjoy It!

  • The End or is it

    A New Beginning?

    By Participating You Have Already

    Started The Process of Change!