Who We Are And How We are Funded 2007 Legislative Session

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<ul><li><p>Who We AreAndHow We are Funded2007 Legislative Session</p></li><li><p>Primary Mission: Education and Research</p><p>3 Schools: Medical School (320 students), Dental School (160 students), andGraduate School in bio-medical sciences, (380 students) </p><p>Research: More than $90 million per year of innovative research is conducted and discoveries are translated into advances in patient care i.e.. Ovarian cancer vaccines, hormone therapies for Osteoporosis, new materials for Dental Implants, and Stem Cell research.</p><p>Residency Training: For approx 600 residents/yr who practice and train in local hospitals.</p><p>John Dempsey Hospital (JDH) and UConn Medical Group, the Multi-specialty faculty practice </p><p>Who We Are:</p></li><li><p>5,200 employees 71% union, 12% faculty, 3% managerial, 14% other (residents, graduate assistants, student payroll,etc.)</p><p>Generate 11,371 other jobs in the state economy and $938 million Gross State Product</p><p>Foundation of the States biomedical research and economic development: Most recently stem cell effort.</p><p>Public Academic Health Center: Provide services others dont, DOC medical and dental care, largest single provider of dental services to under and un-insured, support community based health centers.</p><p>In FY 07 Budget of $660 million, 84.1% self generatedWho We Are:</p></li><li><p>State Support15.9% of the total UCHC Budget is state supported (appropriation plus fringe benefits), State funds are used only to support education and research and their support functions. (such as Information Technology, Physical Plant, Human Resources, etc.)</p><p>Other Revenues84.1% of the total UCHC Budget is non-state supported revenues i.e.. clinical, tuition, research, outside contracts</p><p>PhilanthropyA small but growing part of the annual budget , $4 million in income from endowment and gifts in FY07</p><p>How We Are Funded:</p></li><li><p>Trained physicians and staff of Waterbury and St. Marys for regional cardiac surgery and interventional cardiology program.Trained staff and assisted ECHN in establishing a Level II nursery at Manchester Hospital.Pediatric dentistry program at CCMC.Statewide Neonatal Transport Program and Regional Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.Provide workforce at Burgdorf Clinic in association with St. Francis Hospital.Provide cardiac perfusionist services to St. Marys and Waterbury Hospitals.Regional dental emergency room service.Training Site for nursing, allied health schools.</p><p>RESOURCE TO OTHER HOSPITALS</p></li><li><p>Clinical Service Collaboration:Department of Public Health, Department of Corrections, Department of Mental Health &amp; Addiction Services, Department of Veteran Affairs (Rocky Hill), Department of Mental Retardation, dental service to approximately 60% of all Medicaid clients in the state.Community ServiceSouth Park Inn Medical Clinic (Hartford)South Marshall Street Homeless Clinic (Hartford)Connecticut Poison Control CenterYMCA Adolescent Girls Medical Clinic (Hartford)Camp Courant Dental Screening ProgramMigrant Worker ClinicCovenant House (Willimantic)UCHC: A Resource to Other State Agencies &amp; the Community</p></li></ul>