Who will win the World Series?

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Who will win the World Series?. Milwaukee Brewers Boston Red Sox New York Mets New York Yankees LA Dodgers I dont care. Financial Leverage . Increases returns Decreases returns All of the above None of the above. Capital budgeting and financial leverage are. the same related - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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Who will win the World Series?

Milwaukee BrewersBoston Red SoxNew York MetsNew York YankeesLA DodgersI dont careFinancial Leverage

Increases returnsDecreases returnsAll of the aboveNone of the aboveCapital budgeting and financial leverage are

the samerelatedthe same as capital budgetingnone of the aboveCompany A: Sales $100, Operating Income = $10, no financial leverageCompany B: Sales $100, Operating Income = $10, Debt Ratio = 50%Company As ____________ is greater than Company Bs

Operating performanceNet IncomeCash1 and 22 and 31, 2, and3