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Specific Objectives and Purposes

For years now, the U.S. government and several federal organizations, along with the rest of the international community, have been going to great lengths to rescue Africa from its diverse and recurring calamities. Most current programs are centered on simply helping populations survive their hardships. So far, remarkable relief has been brought about and a large number of lives saved.However, at HelpforAfricanStudents, Inc., though we applaud these current strategies, we have adopted a different approach. Our focus is not so much to help people survive their hardships as it is to empower a specific group within the impoverished populace, a group of individuals which current relief efforts have mostly overlooked. AND YET, this is the very demographic which possesses the potential to bring desperately needed long-term solutions. Our strategy is clearly presented in the very name of our organization: Help for African Students". The famous saying, "Give a man a fish, feed him for a dayteach a man to fish, feed him for a lifetime," clearly summarizes our perspective. Africans have to be empowered TO BRING LONG-TERM SOLUTIONS to their own problems. Most African countries function largely in survival mode and depend heavily on international relief efforts. Curable diseases claim the lives of millions each year; malaria alone kills a child every 30 seconds in Sub-Sahara Africa (2010 statistics of the World Health Organization). Where will Africa be 10-20 years from now? Still in survival mode? The youth is our future."Are we putting enough effort into empowering the youth of these countries, especially those young men and women who, after so much hardship and sacrifice, have made it to the university level and upon whose shoulders rest the near future of these countries? What is being done to assist them? The answer is simple: not much. They are in desperate need, not only of money but also things we all take, in developed countries, for granted, things as basic as guidance and academic orientation.African students are the target of this corporation. If empowered to do so, they have the UNIQUE potential of bringing long-term solutions to issues of war, disease, social and economic instability, etc Within the African student population today lie individuals with the potential to become great future presidents, peacemakers, business men and women with the dexterity to bring these populations a tiny step forward out of poverty. From among these students can also emerge the next world-class scientists, intellectuals capable of finding a cure for those diseases known as diseases of the poor. These illnesses which kill millions each year are a not top priority of drug companies simply owing to their low commercial incentive.At HelpforAfricanStudents, we firmly believe that until these young people are equipped to become active participants in the resolution of their own issues, no serious or definitive changes will ever occur in these regions of the world.

The specific objectives and purposes of this organization shall be the following: To facilitate African university student access to the millions of dollars of scholarship money that floods the internet each day. The internet is full of myriad opportunities for which African students qualify (scholarships, training in countries around the world, etc). Unfortunately, few African students are fully aware of or taking advantage of these opportunities. We have identified several limitations and designed very simple programs to help these students overcome these obstacles and thus benefit from the wealth of information available on the internet. This will be done by developing, maintaining and frequently updating a custom-made bilingual website where key information related to opportunities for a better education will be posted. Such information as (1) a daily/weekly updated list of scholarships and training opportunities around the world for which they qualify (2) details on the educational system in the U.S. and other developed countries around the world where a better education can be obtained (3) wide-ranging career guidance on matters such as how to prepare a successful application for universities abroad, how to craft a successful scholarship application, etc. To raise awareness among members of the international community, governmental agencies and other Not-for-Profits working in various areas of Africa, on the necessity to zero in on African university students as a means of seeking long-term solution for these regions. To initiate, encourage and facilitate networking / exchange of ideas between students (and possibly faculty) from American university campuses and students/faculty on Africans university campuses. Our purpose here is basically to create a platform where graduate and undergraduate students on American campuses can make a difference in the life of an African student (in the same field of study) simply by sharing a little of their life experiences. To regularly publish newsletters containing the latest information regarding upcoming/active scholarships and other training opportunities in the U.S. and around the world. This will help the most impoverished students who typically lack the money needed to purchase internet hours. To offer free of charge, chiefly by email, a helpful hand to students in desperate need of any education-related advice or other forms of academic orientation. To sponsor career development related seminars and workshops in various parts of Africa. To sponsor seminars and other educational events where members of the community, academia, governments and other organizations meet to exchange ideas, suggest solutions and implement strategies to promote a better education for African university students.

Most importantly: To raise awareness among African students themselves on the key role they can play in the resolution of problems that plague their own continent, and to educate them in how to follow a purpose-driven career track toward this end.